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p. 1-8
Solution thermodynamics for nonstoichiometric metal oxides
David J Young, Francesco Gesmundo
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p. 9-18
Synthesis of CeS and interactions with molten metals
Oscar H Krokorian, Paul G Curtis
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p. 19-24
The synthesis of titanium nitride by a self-sustaining combustion method
Zuhair A Munir, Sarojini Deevi, Maryam Eslamloo-Grami
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p. 25-30
Microstructure and reactivity of porous and ultrafine CaO particles with C02
Dario Beruto, Mun Gyu Kim, Alan W Searcy
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p. 31-34
Vapour phase synthesis of ultrafine silicon nitride powders
Elmer Jacquemijns, Paul van der Put, Joop Schoonman
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p. 35-45
Thermodynamic properties of nickel-germanium clusters and ab-initio investigations of nickel and palladium group IV diatomics
Karl A Gingerich, Joseph E Kingcade Jr, Irene Shim
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p. 47-58
Thermochemistry and phase relationships in M-Te (M = Fe, Cr, and Ni) systems of relevance to fuel-clad interactions in fast breeder nuclear reactors- a high-temperature mass spectrometric study
Bidyut Saha, Radhakrishnan Viswanathan, Magapu Sai Baba, Cherian K Mathews
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p. 59-72
Oxygen fluxes and the measurement of the surface tension of liquid metals
Paolo Costa, Alberto Passerone, Enrica Ricci
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p. 73-89
Thermochemistry of materials by laser vaporization mass spectrometry: 2. Graphite
John W Hastie, David W Bonnell, Peter K Schenck
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p. 91-96
Direct synthesis of gallium arsenide charges for scaling-up procedures
Carla Bucci, Gilberto Frigerio, Claudio Mucchino, Carlo Paorici, Lucio Zanotti
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p. 97-108
Thermodynamic calculations on the chemical vapour deposition of Si3N4 from 97 the NH3-SiCi4-H2 system
Antonio Parretta
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p. 109-112
Thermally induced and electron-induced decomposition of dolomite: a comparison of polythermal x-ray diffraction and transmission electron microscopy studies
Giorgio Spinolo, Umberto Anselmi Tamburini
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p. 113-117
High-temperature electrical characteristics of γ-LiAI02
Fabrizio Alessandrini, Carlo Alvani, Sergio Casadio, Fausto Croce
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