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p. 119-140
Mass-spectrometric determination of thermodynamic data for potassium compounds and several other species occurring in MHD combustion systems
Milton Farber, Rameshwar D Srivastava
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p. 141-150
The vaporization behaviour of liquid caesium metavanadate: a thermochemical and IR spectroscopic study
Giovanni Balducci, Gianpiero Bardi, Luigi Bencivenni, Guido Gigli, Marcella Guido, Stella Nunziante Cesaro, Fabio Ramondo
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p. 151-156
Rôle of molecular ions in the high-temperature vaporization of urania
Joseph Magill, Gerard J Hyland, Malcolm H Rand
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p. 157-164
Sorption of cesium and its vaporization from graphitic materials at high temperatures
Klaus Hilpert, Hubert Gerads, Dieter Kath, Dietmar Kobertz
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p. 165-168
Relative ionization efficiencies from alloy thermodynamic data
Charles B Alcock
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p. 169-175
Thermal expansivity correlations for refractory materials with the NaCI-type structure
Oscar H Krikorian
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p. 177-182
The transport of the reducible species through a La0.8Sr0.2CrO3 cathode in the high-temperature electrolysis of steam
Giovanni Battista Barbi, Claudio M Mari
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p. 183-195
Solubilities and diffusivities of H20 and H2 in Li20
Oscar H Krikorian
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p. 197-200
Doped LiFe02 as MCFC cathode material
Marcel A van den Noort, Paul J J M van der Put, Joop Schoonman
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p. 201-208
Mechanism and kinetics of monosilane photolysis and vapour deposition of silicon produced by IR lasers
Daniela Consalvo, Sergio Loreti, Aldo Mele, Anna Giardini-Guidoni, Roberto Teghil, Elisabetta Borsella, Roberta Fantoni
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p. 209-216
Laser surface alloying of metals for high-temperature service
Alain Galerie, Annie Hugon, Michel Pons
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p. 217-230
X-Ray absorption spectroscopy using synchrotron radiation in material research: the case of high-temperature superconducting ceramics
Antonio Bianconi, Maurizio De Santis, Agostina Congiu Castellano, Alberto Clozza, Stefano Deila Longa, Augusto Scacco, Andrea Di Cicco, Sergio Stizza, Daniele Gozzi
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p. 231-238
Vaporization studies for metal halide lamps: analysis and thermochemistry of the equilibrium vapour of the Nal-Dyl3 system
Klaus Hilpert, Mirostaw Miller
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