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p. 239-246
Fundamentals of spacing statistics and its application to defect structures of high-temperature nonstoichiometric phases
Livio Manes
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p. 247-250
Preparation and characterisation of γ-LiAIO2 tiles for molten carbonate fuel cells
Carlo Alvani, Edoardo Roncari
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p. 251-262
Transpiration mass spectrometry of liquid LiF-vaporization thermochemistry and electron-impact fragmentation
David W Bonnell, John W Hastie, Kiro F Zmbov
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p. 263-270
Measurement of the carbon activity of 18/8 austenitic steel and the free energy of formation of the metal carbides FexCr23-xC6
Sankaran Rajendran Pillai, Cherian K Mathews
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p. 271-276
The effect of an electric field on the vaporization of ionic solids
Zuhair A Munir
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p. 277-292
Investigation of mechanisms of yttrium-induced effects on growth rate and adherence of protective oxide scales at high temperatures
Trikur A Ramanarayanan, Raghavan Ayer, Ruzica Petkovic-Luton, Daniel P Leta
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p. 293-303
Thermal-fatigue testing and corrosion testing of five nickel-based superalloys in a small gas turbine
Isao Tomizuka
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p. 305-313
Model description and experiments on carbon diffusion through protective layers
Leo M Heijnen, Theo W Kuijpers, J Anton Klostermann
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p. 315-323
Microstructure and mechanical properties of Y2O3-ZrO2 toughened ceramics
Giulio A Rossi, Christopher E Knapp
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p. 325-329
Strength analysis of ceramics under thermal loading
Vladimir Ya Shevchenko, Igor E Smolyarenko, Nicolai M Zhavoronkov
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p. 331-333
High-temperature formation, mass spectroscopy, and optical spectra of metal clusters
Willi Schulze, Bernd Winter, Klaus Möller, Friedrich Wilhelm Froben
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p. 335-343
Sintering characteristics of Si3N4 powders
Alida Bellosi, Carmen Galassi, Daniele Dalle Fabbriche
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p. 345-360
Electronic, ionic, and protonic conductivities of a commercial, polycrystalline α-AI2O3
Truls Norby, Per Kofstad
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