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p. 361-378
Congruent vaporisation calculations and differential mass-spectrometric measurements in the study of oxide mixtures: the Na2O-P2O5 system
Luis F Malheiros, Christian Chatillon, Michel Allibert
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p. 379-384
Dislocations induced by thermal stress in gallium arsenide crystals grown from the melt
Roberto Fornari, Carlo Paorici, Valerio Pessina, Luisa Zecchina
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p. 385-396
A solid-state electrochemical technique for the study of the interaction of high-temperature materials with oxygen
Daniele Gozzi, Giuseppe Carnevale, Pier Luigi Cignini, Lorenzo Petrucci, Massimo Tomellini
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p. 397-402
Chemical aspects of the LiAIO2 ceramic for tritium breeding
Carlo Alvani, Claudio Ciavola, Sergio Casadio, Angelo Dibartolomeo
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p. 403-407
Electric conductivity and defect structure of aluminium-doped cobalt oxide at high temperatures
Francesco Gesmundo, Furio Viani, Georgette Petöt-Evans
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p. 409-412
Thermoelectric power and ionic molar entropy of solid, vitreous, and molten salts
Alberto Schiraldi, Elisabetta Pezzati, Primo Baldini
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p. 413-418
Thermodynamic study of gaseous diyttrium carbides: Y2C2, Y2C3, Y2C4, Y2C5, Y2C6, Y2C7, Y2C8
Mario Pelino, Karl A Gingerich, Reza Haque, Luigi Bencivenni
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p. 419-432
Behaviour of KP, KN, Nicrosil and Nisil thermoelectric wires between 0 °C and 750 °C
Gianni Coggiola, Luigi Crovini, Antonio Mangano
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p. 433-441
The least-squares approach to multi-wavelength pyrometry
Peter B Coates
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p. 443-448
Wavelength specification in multi-wavelength pyrometry
Peter B Coates
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p. 449-454
Some remarks on Raman spectroscopy of carbon structures
Erich Fitzer, Franciszek Rozptoch
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p. 455-459
The influence of the real density of calcined coke on the bulk density of green electrodes
Ryo Yamashita, Hisayuki Nagino, Ken-ichi Fujimoto, Keishi Ohtsuka
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p. 461-467
Effect of pressure on Peltier cooling devices
Daniel L Decker, Randy D Olsen
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p. 469-473
On the high-pressure electronic phase transition in praseodymium (Pr III → Pr IV)
Sambasivam Sankar, Kombiahthevar lyakutti, Mamundi Dakshinamoorthy
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p. 475-478
Effect of pressure on the thermoelectric power and resistivity of some high-Tc oxides
Alanallur P G Kutty, Sudhir N Vaidya
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