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p. 479-490
Pyrometer wavelength function: its determination and error analysis
Paolo Coppa, Giuseppe Ruffino, Angelo Spena
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p. 491-494
Calculation of the temperature error caused by effective wavelengths in the two-colour pyrometer
Jae Won Hahn, Chunghi Rhee
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p. 495-508
Calibration and intercomparison of Minalpha and Manganin resistance pressure gauges to 3 GPa
Herbert Niesler, Ian Jackson, Edwin C Morris
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p. 509-516
Shock compression of condensed argon
Mohamed Safwat Abdelazim
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p. 517-524
Electron -phonon interaction in praseodymium under high pressure
Subbiah Karuppiah, Kombiahthevar lyakutti
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p. 525-528
Effect of pressure on the electric resistivity and Seebeck coefficient of CePd3Bx alloys
Madapuzi P Srinivasan, Sudhir N Vaidya, Sudesh K Dhar, Satish K Malik
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p. 529-537
The contribution of vacancies to the thermal expansion of metals at elevated temperatures
Christa Lüdecke, Dorothea Lüdecke
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p. 539-544
Enthalpy measurements of solid and liquid chromium by levitation calorimetry
Rongshan Lin, Martin G Frohberg
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p. 545-552
Bulk moduli and high-pressure phases of ThX compounds. I. The thorium monopnictides
Leif Gerward, Janus Staun Olsen, Ulrich Benedict, Sylvie Dabos, Huan Luo, Jean-Paul Itié, Oskar Vogt
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p. 553-559
Bulk moduli and high-pressure phases of ThX compounds. II. The thorium monochalcogenides
Janus Staun Olsen, Leif Gerward, Ulrich Benedict, Huan Luo, Oskar Vogt
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p. 561-568
The determination of high-pressure vertical sections of the Cd-Pb-Sn ternary system
Weiya Zhou, Zhongyi Shen, Xiujun Yin, Yun Zhang, Muyu Zhao
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p. 569-578
Fracture mechanism of fine-grained graphite under high heat fluxes
Harald Bolt, Akira Miyahara, Tsutomu Kuroda
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p. 579-583
Temperature dependence of the thermal expansivity of neutron-irradiated pyrolytic carbon and graphite
Hideto Matsuo
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p. 585-592
A comparison of thermal effects in different polymers at high hydrostatic pressures
Ernesto L Rodriguez, Frank E Filiskoy
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p. 593-598
Heat transfer in load-bearing diatomite powder insulations
K G Degen, E Hümmer, Roland Caps, Jochen Fricke
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