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p. 601-607
Thermal conductivity of alumina ceramics for fusion technology
Brigitte Schulz
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p. 609-613
Simultaneous measurements of thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity under high pressure using thermal pulses of finite length
Ulfert Seipold
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p. 615-618
Thermophysical properties of platinum-rhodium alloys at high temperatures
S Yu Glazkov
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p. 619-626
Measurement of thermophysical properties of solids by the pulse method
Ludovít Kubičár, Ján Spišiak
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p. 627-635
Twin-chamber Knudsen-effusion-cell mass spectrometer for thermodynamic studies of alloys
Michael J Stickney, Mallasetty S Chandrasekharaiah, Karl A Gingerich
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p. 637-641
Thermodynamics of formation of the gaseous ternary oxide compounds of alkaline-earth metals at high temperatures
German A Semenov, Sergei I Lopatin, Natal’ya V Kozyukova, Lyudmila A Kuligina
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p. 643-652
Vaporisation de Cr203 et de Fe2O3-2Cr2O3 dans un écoulement gazeux oxydant à T = 1800 K
René Berjoan, Jean-Marie Badie, Gilles Péraudeau
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p. 653-660
Preparation and characterization of plasma-sprayed thick ceramic coatings reinforced with metal pins
Jeganathan Karthikeyan, Kaleekkal P Sreekumar, Narayanan Venkatramani, Vijay K Rohatgi
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p. 661-667
An optical method for measurements of the kinetics of pressure-induced phase transformations in the diamond anvil cell
Rolf Däßler
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p. 669-672
A simple diamond-anvil high-pressure system for optical experiments at ambient and cryogenic temperatures
Timothy P Beales
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p. 673-678
Analysis of the heat-current equation and the thermal simulation error in a vacuum simulation chamber
Daoan Da, Xiaodong Da
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p. 679-685
Melting of tin at high pressures and study of liquid phases
Gary C Vezzoli
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p. 687-691
Phase-equilibrium diagram of the system Mn-Ti-O
A M Yankin, Yu V Golikov, V F Balakirev
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p. 693
Ruffino on Goldsmid: Electronic refrigeration
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p. 695-696
Conferences and Meetings
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p. 697-700
Subject index
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p. 701-706
Author index
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