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p. 1-6
Nonlocal thermal conductivity
Gerald D Mahan, Francisco H Claro
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p. 7-12
The dependence of thermal conductivity upon some variables, and corresponding thermodynamic effects in one-dimensional heat conduction
Giacomo Bisio
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p. 13-24
The elastic constants of polycrystalline U02 and (U, Pu) mixed oxides: a review and recommendations
The d G Martin
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p. 25-32
Electron-electron scattering and the heat transport properties of metals
Nathan Wiser
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p. 33-37
Measurements of the thermal conductivity of copper by the twin-rod method
Sang Woo Park, Chunghi Rhee
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p. 39-50
Recent advances in thermal superinsulations
Dietrich Büttner, Albert Kreh, Jochen Fricke, Harald Reiss
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p. 51-59
Measurement of the thermal properties of different concretes
Paolo Morabito
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p. 61-68
Thermal conductivity database for solid materials
Terno Arai, Tetsuya Baba, Akira Ono
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p. 69-78
Thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity of a cordierite-based ceramic. Results of a CODATA measurement program
François Cabannes, Merrill L Minges
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p. 79-84
Investigation of the spectral emissivity data of some metals and nonmetals in the wavelength range 400-15000 nm, and of their total emissivity
Jean-François Babelot, Michael Hoch
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p. 85-96
Thermal diffusivity measurement by pulsed methods
Daniel L Balageas
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p. 97-104
Thermal diffusivity of three-dimensionally reinforced carbon-fibre/silicon- carbide-matrix composites
Roy Taylor, Valerie Piddock
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p. 105-111
Thermophysical properties of thick wafers of boron phosphide
Yukinobu Kumashiro, Takefumi Mitsuhashi, Shin-ichi Okaya, Fumihito Muta, Takeshi Koshiro, Yoshio Takahashi, Masayuki Hirabayashi, Yasumasha Okada
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p. 113-117
Fast-pulsed photothermal method applied to diamond-like coatings and silicon carbide coatings
Daniel M Boscher, Alain A Déom, Daniel L Balageas
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