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p. 119-130
Calorimetrie measurements with acoustic levitation in high-temperature heating experiments with pulsed laser beams
Jean-Pol Hiernaut, Claudio Ronchi
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p. 131-137
Transport properties of yttrium and six rare-earth metals in the temperature range 300-1000 K
Ludolf Binkele
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p. 139-148
Determination of the melting point and the emissivity of refractory metals with a six-wavelength pyrometer
Jean-Pol Hiernaut, Fumihiro Sakuma, Claudio Ronchi
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p. 149-156
Density of terpene mixtures of turpentine from Pinus Pinaster
Ana C T Sousa, Carlos A Nieto de Castro, João A Lourenço
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p. 157-165
Measurement of the thermochemical expansion of porous composite materials
John Florio, Jr, Jack B Henderson, Frederick L Test
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p. 167-176
Experimental determination of the permeability of porous composite materials
Hariharan Ramamurthy, Frederick L Test, Jack B Henderson
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p. 177-182
Correlations between bulk structure and surface conditions for CsHS04 and RbH2P04
Milan Friesel, Arnold Lundén, Bogdan Baranowski
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p. 183-187
Thermal transport studies by transient hot strip method of salts used in heat storage devices
Ernest Karawacki, Arnold Lundén
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p. 189-193
A model for liquid-glass transitions
Alf Sjölander
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p. 195-198
Quick characterization of high–Τc superconductors by differential scanning calorimetry
Ary Dworkin, Henri Szwarc
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p. 199-204
The electric conductivity of polycrystalline urania between 77 K and 380 K
Ian T Collier, Nigel R Hampton, George A Saunders, Marshall A Stoneham
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p. 205-210
Optical measurement of the anisotropic behaviour of the thermal diffusivity of oriented poly(methyl methacrylate)
Masakazu Okuda, Akira Nagashima
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p. 211-218
Calculation of the effective emissivity of a diffuse plane surface below a specular hemisphere
Ronald E Bedford, Ma Che Keung, Chu Zaixiang, Sun Yuxing
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p. 219-224
Measurement of the thermal conductivity of molten KN03 and NaN03 by the transient hot-wire method with ceramic–coated probes
Sintaro Kitade, Yuji Kobayashi, Yuji Nagasaka, Akira Nagashima
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p. 225-231
Thermal conductivity of carbon dioxide
Velisa Vesovic, William A Wakeham
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p. 233-236
The Grüneisen parameters and pressure dependence of thermal conductivity
Guy K White
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