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p. 237-247
Influence of paramagnetic rare earth ions on thermal conductivity of ordered and disordered systems
I A Smirnov, V S Oskotskii, L S Parfen’eva
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p. 249-259
Thermal conductivity of liquids under pressure
William A Wakeham
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p. 261-266
Thermal conductivity of solids under pressure
Russell G Ross
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p. 267-274
Correlation between thermal conductivity and elasto-mechanical properties of compressed porous media
Ove Nilsson, Gerald Rüschenpöhler, Joachim Groß, Jochen Fricke
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p. 275-285
Measurement and modelling of the temperature field in high-pressure and high-temperature experiments in cubes with internal heating
Helmuth H Schloessin, Paul F Lenson
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p. 287-295
Thermal diffusivities and thermal conductivities of U02 and U1–xGdx02 solid solutions
Stephen D Preston, Colin Barrett, Patrizia Fassina, Ken C Mills, Nicola Zaghini
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p. 297-301
The melting law at high pressures
V V Kechin
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p. 303-309
A technique for deriving emissivity data for infrared pyrometry
Mauro Battuello, Teresio Ricolti
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p. 311-315
Investigation of total emittance of metals and steels subjected to mechanical surface treatments
Mario Misale, Claudio Pisoni, Giovanni Tanda
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p. 317-324
Experimental study of transport and thermodynamic properties of cobalt
Aleksandar S Dobrosavljević, Kosta D Maglić, Nenad Lj Perović
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p. 325-328
Microcomputer prediction of temperatures in foods
Paul Nesvadba
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p. 329-332
Thermal diffusivity measurements of tungsten standard reference material
Nenad Lj Perović, Kosta D Maglić, Aleksandar S Dobrosavljević
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p. 333-337
The pressure dependence of the dielectric constant of glasses
Ian T Collier, R Nigel Hampton, George A Saunders
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p. 339-346
Measurements of the thermal diffusivity of Li2Si03 by the modulated-electron- beam technique and discovery of some electric phenomena
Rudy De Coninck, Alfred J Flipot
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p. 347-354
Temperature dependence of the optical characteristics of semitransparent porous media
Didier Banner, Sorin Klarsfeld, Catherine Langlais
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