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p. 473-474
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p. 475-486
Iron-based oxide-dispersion-strengthened alloys resistant to oxidation and high temperatures—a challenge for powder–metallurgy technology
Georg Korb, August Schwaiger
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p. 487-495
High–temperature and high–strength molybdenum and molybdenum–tungsten alloys with titanium–zirconium–hafnium–carbon
Ralf Eck, Josef Tinzl
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p. 497-505
Behaviour of tungsten, molybdenum, and alloys under unusual heating conditions
Ralf Eck, Hubert Bildstein, Fritz Simader, Roland Stickler, Josef Tinzl
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p. 507-514
Liquid-phase sintering of tungsten composites in space. Agglomerate separation and particle growth
Lars Ekbom, Hasse Fredriksson, Anders Eliasson
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p. 515-523
Investigations of reactions between pure refractory metals and light gases with the field-ion microscope and atom probe
Erich Krautz, Gottfried Haiml
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p. 525-532
Thermal properties of materials used for heat-sink applications
Wolfgang Neumann, Erich Kny
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p. 533-541
Fibre-reinforced materials in the first wall of thermonuclear fusion reactors
Jochen Linke, Helmut Hoven, Karl Koizlik, Hubertus Nickel, Erich Wallura
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p. 543-552
Crack bridging: a promising route towards tough structural ceramics
Lorenz S Sigi, Karl A Schwetz
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p. 553-568
Potassium-bubble formation and void growth in tungsten rod and wire
Clyde L Briant, John L Walter
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p. 569-574
Densification and defect healing by hot isostatic pressing
Wolfgang A Kaysser, Günter Petzow
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p. 575-593
Diamantabscheidung aus Wasserstoff-Methan Gasgemischen mittels thermisch aktivierter chemischer Gasabscheidung (TA-CVD) auf SiAION-Substraten
Reinhard Bichler, Roland Haubner, Benno Lux
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