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p. 595-600
Immersion depth and temperature profile of metal freezing-point cell for platinum resistance thermometry
Daesung Chi, Kee Sool Gam
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p. 601-611
High-temperature pulses in small alumina particles
Pedro Bolsaitis, R Erik Spjut, John F Elliott
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p. 613-620
Measurements of the viscosities of compressed gaseous carbon dioxide, ethane, and their mixtures, at temperatures up to 500 K
Dwain E Diller, James F Ely
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p. 621-625
Comparison between energy-dispersive and position-sensitive detector methods in high-pressure x-ray diffraction
Stephen Heathman, Ulrich Benedict
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p. 627-636
Intercomparison of pneumatic differential pressure measurements at 30-150 kPa at high line pressure up to 7.5 MPa
Jai Krishan N Sharma, Kamlesh K Jain, Ashis K Bandyopadhyay, Gianfranco F Molinar
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p. 637-642
Electrical properties of PbSe at high pressures and elevated temperatures
Bernd Greuling, Bernd Lorenz
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p. 643-646
Thermodynamic and elastic properties of lead chalcogenides
Ruslan A Medzhidov
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p. 647-656
Thermophysical and optical properties of fluoride crystals and melts
G B Varlamov, G N Vasil’chenko, V I Deshko, A Ya Karvatskii, O E Khlebnikov
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p. 657-661
Thermophysical and acoustic properties of heavy rare-earth metals at high temperatures
A D Ivliev, S A Smolnikov, A A Kurichenko, V A Saperov, A I Leukhin, E Z Rivman, V E Zinov’ev, A N Pozdeev
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p. 663-667
The heat of vaporization of liquid metals
Dulli C Agrawal, Vairelil J Menon
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p. 669-674
Caractérisation des condensats obtenus par vaporisation des oxydes de niobium et tantale
G Pichelin, A Rouanet
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p. 675-684
Method of local approximation for determining the thermodynamic surface of liquids and gases
K M Magomedov, B L Tsensiper, I M Abdulagatov
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p. 685-700
High-temperature and quenched states in manganese-containing oxide systems in air
Yu V Goikov, V P Barkhatov, V F Balakirev, V I Avdukov
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p. 701-702
Ruffino on DeWitt, Nutter (Eds): Theory and practice of radiation thermometry
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p. 703-706
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p. 707-712
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