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p. 1-8
Creep behaviour of thin ribbons of pure, doped, and thoriated tungsten
Roland Stickler, Key Frieler, Jörg Femböck, Hubert Bildstein
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p. 9-11
Electron microscopy examination of the softening process of the high-purity (001) [110] molybdenum single-crystal sheet
L N Pronina, I M Aristova
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p. 13-24
Recent advances in the field of transition-metal refractory nitrides
Walter Lengauer, Peter Ettmayer
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p. 25-32
Influence of fast neutron fluence on the ductile–brittle transition temperature of tungsten, W–10Re, and W–3.4Ni–1.6Fe
Peter Krautwasser, Heinz Derz, Erich Kny
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p. 33-42
Neue dispersionsverfestigte Molybdänlegierungen
Ralf Eck
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p. 43-50
Hot isostatic pressing densification of the ceramic superconductor YBa2Cu3O7-x
Detler Stöver, Axel Wilhelm von Stumberg, Hans Peter Buchkremer, Rudolf Hecker
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p. 51-73
Use of refractory-metal alloys in the Next European Torus divertor design, and comparative study of mechanical properties after disruptive heat loads or brazing and ageing treatment
Frans Moons, Patricia Falbriard, Robert Faron, Guy Nicolas
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p. 75-78
Experimental evaluation of brazed molybdenum-graphite bonds for the divertor of the NET/ITER nuclear fusion device
Ivica Šmid, Jochen Linke, Hubertus Nickel, Erich Kny, Nikolaus Reheis, Günther Kneringer, Harald Bolt
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p. 79-87
Development of sinter and hot isostatic pressing processes for shaped parts of superalloys and oxide ceramics
Rudolf Hecker, Detler Stöver, Hans Peter Buchkremer, Werner Diehl, Thomas Düringer, Essam El-Magd
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p. 89-97
Defects limiting the potential use of powder-metallurgy materials subjected to cyclic loading
Brigitte Weiss, Roland Stickler, Jörg Femböck
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p. 99-118
Untersuchung der Kinetik von Diamantabscheidungen auf Molybdän-Drahtsubstraten
Robert Litos, Roland Haubner, Benno Lux
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