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p. 119-128
Thermally sprayed coatings of HfC and HfB2 composite systems
Erich Lugscheider, Antonio Nisch, Michael Loch
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p. 129-137
The effects of doping molybdenum wire with rare-earth elements
Motomu Endo, Kuninari Kimura, Teiichi Udagawa, Shigemitsu Tanabe, Hiroyuki Seto
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p. 139-147
The vanadium–oxygen system—a review
Charles B Alcock, Chunlin Ji
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p. 149-156
Vaporization of UO2 at high temperatures and high pressures: A generic relation for volatilization
Carl A Alexander, Julius S Ogden
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p. 157-170
The melting point and optical properties of solid and liquid carbon at pressures of up to 2 kbar
A V Baitin, A A Lebedev, S V Romanenko, V N Senchenko, M A Sheindlin
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p. 171-175
Surface tension of liquid metals: a predictive approach
Rajendra P Chhabra
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p. 177-180
Diamond film grown by DC-glow-discharge-enhanced hot-filament CVD
Kazimierz Fabisiak, Stanis+aw Orzeszko, Franciszek Rozpłoch
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p. 181-186
Corrosion studies of reaction-bonded silicon carbide
Kishan R Navuri, Vilas N Mulay, Abdul-J Mohammed
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p. 187-192
Thermophysical properties and mechanism of heat transfer of polycrystalline CdS, CdSe, and CdTe in the temperature range 300-700 K
Abdelsalam M Abousehly, Hamdy M Abu Basha, Abdelwahab A El-Sharkawy
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p. 193-205
Viscosity and thermal conductivity of simple fluids at high pressures
Mohamed Safwat Abdelazim
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p. 207-210
Theoretical aspects of the associated liquid model
Nikolai K Tkachev, Konstantin Yu Shunyaev, Aron N Men
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p. 211-218
The influence of pressure on the thermal conductivity of liquid hydrocarbons
Yurii L Rastorguev, Boris A Grigorev, Gennadii F Bogatov
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p. 219-226
A semi-experimental technique for prediction of the thermal conductivity of individual hydrocarbons
Gennadii F Bogatov, Boris A Grigorev
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p. 227-231
Effect of pressure on the luminescence of CaWO4:Nd
Timothy P Beales, Colin H L Goodman
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p. 233
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p. 234-235

Anon, on Timmerhaus, Finn: Cryogenic process engineering

Lees on Sherman, Stadtmuller: Experimental techniques in high-pressure research

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p. 236
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