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International Symposium on the Development of Carbon Fibres and Their Applications Seoul, Korea, 19-24 March 1990

p. 237-238
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p. 239-266
Today’s carbon fibres—a new energy-saving and environment-friendly all-round material (a review)
Erich Fitzer, Frank Künkele
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p. 267-274
New developments with pitch-based carbon fibres
Bosung Rhee
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p. 275-288
Surface oxides on carbon
Hanns-Peter Boehm
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p. 289-298
Processing of noncircular pitch-based carbon fibers
Dan D Edie, Gary J Hayes, Heber E Rast, Charles C Fain
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p. 299-308
Mechanical properties of noncircular pitch-based carbon fibers
Elizabeth G Stoner, Dan D Edie, John M Kennedy
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p. 309-316
Surface properties of carbon fibres for polymer and ceramic composites
Pierre Ehrburger, Jacques Lahaye
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p. 317-327
Considerations about the adhesion of polymer matrices to carbon fibre surfaces
Klaus J Hüttinger
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p. 329-337
Orientation dependence of the mechanical properties of a unidirectional carbon/carbon composite with a resin-derived char matrix
Eiichi Yasuda, Yasuhiro Tanabe, Ryoji Chikugo, Shiushichi Kimura
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p. 339-344
The effect of toughening aid in carbon/BMI composites on curing and mechanical behaviour
Jae Rock Lee, Joon Hyung Kim
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p. 345-354
Porosity of activated carbon fibre
Seung-Kon Ryu
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p. 355-358
Preparation of spinnable mesophase pitch by two-stage heat treatment
Yang-Duk Park, Seh-Min Oh, Seong-Ho Yoon
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