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p. 359-378
Advanced oxide composites with a SiC fibre reinforcement for high temperatures
Erich Fitzer, Armin Pfeiffer
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p. 379-390
Thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity of thorium-europium mixed-oxide solid solutions
Pendyala Srirama Murti, Cherian K Mathews
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p. 391-398
The electronic Lorenz number at high temperatures in transition metals with a nearly empty d sub-band
Madabhushi S R Chari, Ram G Sharma
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p. 399-403
Pressure dependence of the Néel temperature and the resistivity of Fe1-yO to 2 GPa
Syuzo Tamura
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p. 405-407
Melting temperatures of molecular hydrogen and molecular deuterium under high pressure
M Kumari, N Dass
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p. 409-424
Detailed analysis of the integral six-color pyrometer
Jean-François Babelot, Michael Hoch
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p. 425-431
Which temperature is measured in a blackbody cavity at the copper melting point?
Paolo Coppa, Livio de Santoli, Giuseppe Ruffino
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p. 433-438
Exponential two-colour pyrometer
Wei-He Liu
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p. 439-448
High-temperature stability and endurance tests on bare wire and mineral-insulated type N thermocouples
Nigel Fawcett, Brian Wilson
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p. 449-451
A lanthanum-fluoride-based composite electrolyte for use as an oxygen sensor
Charles B Alcock, Li Wang
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p. 453-457
Phase relations in the ternary systems rare-earth metal (RE)-boron-nitrogen, where RE = Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, Tm, Lu, Sc, and Y
Helmuth P Klesnar, Peter Rogl
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p. 459-464
Chromium nitrides formed in stainless steels by melting under nitrogen at high pressure
James Rawers, Robert Brown, Robert A McCune
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p. 465-478
Thermodynamic calculations for tungsten carbide tools with an iron-based binder
Bo Jansson
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p. 479
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