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p. 599-612
Kinetics of pressure-induced nucleation and growth processes in a diamond anvil cell
Rolf Däßler
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p. 613-621
New high-pressure viscosity measurements on di(2-ehylhexyl) sebacate and comparisons with previous data
Philippe Vergne
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p. 623-629
Apparatus for carrying out small-scale inorganic syntheses with hot high-pressure oxygen as a reagent (700 bar, 1000 °C)
Brian Cleaver, David B Currie
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p. 631-639
Thermophysical properties of nuclear oxide fuels
Michel Beauvy
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p. 641-648
In-situ measurements of the effective thermal conductivity of oil-sandstone samples under simulated conditions
Shu Xia Cheng, Zhi Lan Li, Xin Shi Ge, Jiang An Li, Yong Zhong Zhang, Xin Gan Liang, You Wang Song, Huang Qing Feng
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p. 649-654
Mechanical properties of carbon/carbon composites filled with graphite powder
Hyeok-Jong Joo
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p. 655-661
Resin impregnation and autohesion in carbon/PEEK composites
E J Jun, T W Kim, W I Lee
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p. 663-670
Mechanical properties and applications of carbon-fiber-reinforced cement composites
Seung Bum Park, B I Lee
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p. 671-683
Mesophase pitch prepared from aromatic hydrocarbons with the use of HF/BF3
Isao Mochida, Kiyoyuki Shimizu, Yozo Korai, Yukio Sakai, Susumu Fujiyama
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p. 685-692
Carbon fibre tubes with polygonal cross section and the problem of fitting
Matthias Nohr
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p. 693-706
Application of SiC coatings by CVD for the protection of carbon-carbon composites against oxidation
D Kehr, K Brennfleck, R Weiss
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p. 707-708
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p. 709-713
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p. 714-718
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