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p. 1-11
Measurements of thermal conductivity and related properties: a half century of radical change
Ronald P Tye
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p. 13-25
A proposed alternative to the radiant pulsed method for measuring thermal diffusivity
Walter P Schimmel
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p. 27-36
Laser-flash method to determine thermal diffusivities of AIN
Rainer Frank, Ove Nilsson, Jochen Fricke, Harald Reiss
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p. 37-42
Thermal diffusivity of a high-Tc superconductor
Yosio Hiki, Yoshiaki Kogure
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p. 43-48
Determination of thermophysical properties of indium in the range 2300-7000 K by a submicrosecond pulse-heating method
Gemot Pottlacher, Theo Neger, Helmut Jäger
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p. 49-57
Heat transfer in evacuated multilayer foil insulations
Karl Georg Degen, Silvano Rossetto, Dietrich Büttner, Jochen Fricke
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p. 59-66
Peg-supported load-bearing evacuated thermal superinsulations
Jörg Hetfleisch, Dietrich Büttner, Karl Georg Degen, Gerhard Wolz, Jochen Fricke
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p. 67-71
Effect of thermal annealing on the thermal conductivity of silicon – germanium – gallium phosphide alloys
David M Rowe, Gao Min, S G K Williams
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p. 73-78
The thermodynamics of the divalent metal fluorides. V: Heat capacity of the fast-ion conductor γ-RbBiF4 from 7 to 346 K
Ron D Weir, Edgar F Westrum Jr
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p. 79-85
Blackbody at the copper melting point: numerical analysis of the thermal field
Paolo Coppa, Livio de Santoli
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p. 87-95
The viscosity of carbon dioxide up to 450 MPa
P S van der Gulik, R Mostert, H R van den Berg
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p. 97-105
Diffusion in molecular fluids
John H Dymond, Patricia M Patterson, Kenneth R Harris, Lawrence A Woolf
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p. 107-110
Extrapolation of (p, V, T) data for liquids
Rakesh Malhotra, Lawrence A Woolf
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p. 111-117
Numerical analysis as a tool to corroborate loading experiments and benchmark properties of first-wall materials for fusion devices
I Šmid, R D Watson, C D Croessmann
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