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p. 119-128
An intercomparison involving PTB and NPL of thermal conductivity measurements on stainless steel, Inconel and Nimonic alloy reference materials, and an iron alloy
John M Corsan, Nigel J Budd, Wolfgang F Hemminger
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p. 129-133
Heat capacity and electric resistivity of copper research material for calorimetry
Aleksandar S Dobrosavljević, Kosta D Maglić
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p. 135-142
Infrared-optical properties of feathers and downs
Mariacarla Arduini-Schuster, Hans-Peter Ebert, Jochen Fricke, Roland Caps
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p. 143-148
Infrared-radiation screens with very thin metallised glass fibres
Hans-Peter Ebert, Mariacarla Arduni-Schuster, Jochen Fricke, Roland Caps, Harald Reiss
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p. 149-155
Measurements of thermal conductivity, electric conductivity, and Young’s modulus of electrically conducting powder systems
X Lu, O Nilsson, J Fricke
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p. 157-162
Determination of the thermal properties of moist porous materials near the freezing point
Izaäk A van Haneghem, Wilko K P van Loon, Hennie P A Boshoven
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p. 163-170
Thermodynamic properties of fluids from fluctuation solution theory
John P O’Connell
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p. 179-190
Prediction of the thermal conductivity of fluid mixtures over wide ranges of temperature and pressure
Velisa Vesovic, William A Wakeham
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p. 191-198
Isobaric heat capacity and enthalpy of liquid HFC-134a and HCFC-123
Shinsuke Nakagawa, Haruki Sato, Koichi Watanabe
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p. 199-204
Effective emissivity of a diffuse rectangular strip below a specular hemisphere
Ronald E Bedford, Che Keung Ma
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p. 205-214
Thermal expansion of 304L stainless steel in the range 1200-1700 K by a high-speed interferometric technique
Archie P Miiller, Ared Cezairliyan
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p. 215-223
Dynamic plane-source technique for the study of the thermal transport properties of solids
Ernest Karawacki, Bashir M Suleiman
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p. 225-230
An electric-network technique for the measurement of the thermophysical properties of conductive materials
Marcos G Ortiz, Susanna M Freed, Melinda A Gosswiller
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p. 231-240
Accurate contact temperature measurements from 420 to 1064 °C
Luigi Crovini, Piero Marcarino
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