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p. 241-248
Thermal conductivity of inhomogeneous media
Paul G Klemens
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p. 249-254
Thermophysical investigation of structural relaxation
Jan Spišiak, L’udovit Kubičár, Drahomíra Křivánková
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p. 255-266
Sequential estimation of temperature-dependent thermal properties
James V Beck, Arafa M Osman
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p. 267-270
Propagation of heat pulses in materials with thermal memory
Jozef Gembarovič, Vladimir Majerník
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p. 271-278
A hollow cylindrical probe for the measurement of the thermophysical properties of loose material
Guy Bastian, Romaric Grosjean
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p. 279-287
Differential pyrometry in the infrared
Herman A Tasman
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p. 289-293
The transient plane source technique: experimental design criteria
Silas E Gustafsson, Bashir Suleiman, Narendra S Saxena, Izhar ul Haq
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p. 295-301
IAEA-coordinated research programme for the establishment of a database of thermophysical properties of reactor materials
Kosta D Maglić, Jürgen Kupitz, Vasil Krett
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p. 303-308
Temperature dependence of thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity of some plastic materials
Narendra S Saxena, Pradeep R Pradhan, Kanupriya Sachdev, Kanan Bala, Mahesh P Saksena
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p. 309-315
Thermal diffusivity of ceramic materials and protective coatings by the laser-flash method
Livio Filoni, Lorenzo Lorenzoni, Gabriele Rocchini
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p. 317-323
Thermal treatment and phase analysis of lithia manganese magnesium silicate glasses
Samia N Salama
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p. 325-332
Wavelength dependence of normal spectral emissivity of high-temperature metals at their melting points
Ared Cezairliyan, Archie P Miiller, Francesco Righini, Alfonso Rosso
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p. 333-342
TEMPUS-a facility for measuring the thermophysical properties of undercooled liquid metals
Georg Lohöfer, Petra Neuhaus, Ivan Egry
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p. 343-349
Depolarisation ratio of scattered light in the critical region of CH3F
Simon ARC Bominaar, Nestor J Trappeniers, Samirendra N Biswas
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p. 351-361
Measurement of the thermal properties of electrically conducting liquids by the anodic-coated hot-wire transient technique
Guang-han Wang, James E S Venart, Ramesh C Prasad
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