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p. 363-371
Thermodynamic effects of the equivalent thermal conductivity dependence on temperature gradient in one-dimensional heat transfer
Giacomo Bisio
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p. 373-382
A new type of thermal diffusivity meter
Kiyoshi Sakuma
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p. 383-388
Experimental method for the determination of thermal transmittance of metallic window frames
Jean Michel Baleynaud, Michel Petit
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p. 389-392
In-situ measurements of thermophysical properties by means of the flash technique
Oleg Yu Troitsky, Valery l Ryazanov
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p. 393-396
Methods for studying thermophysical properties of substances based on nonstationary-frequency measurements
A G Shashkov, V I Krylovich, A S Konovalov
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p. 397-402
An application of data reduction procedures in the flash method
Libor Vozár, Jozef Gembarovič, Vladimír Majerník
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p. 403-406
Pluse method of measuring thermophysical parameters
Ludovit Kubičár
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p. 407-414
A spherical hot-probe model for the determination of the thermal conductivity of granular material
Xinxin Zhang, Christian Moyne, Alain Degiovanni
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p. 415-419
Simultaneous measurements of heat capacity, thermal conductivity, and thermal diffusivity of liquid crystals in phase transitions
Ugo Zammit, Massimo Marinelli, Roberto Pizzoferrato, Sergio Martellucci, Folco Scudieri
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p. 421-429
Interstitial pressure dependence of the effective thermal conductivity and diffusivity of powders
Narendra S Saxena, Pradeep R Pradhan, Kanan Bala, Mahesh P Saksena
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p. 431-436
Thermal transport in opacified monolithic silica aerogels
Xianping Lu, Peng Wang, Dietrich Buttner, Ulrich Heinemann, Ove Nilsson, Joachim Kuhn, Jochen Fricke
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p. 437-443
Thermal diffusivity of Pyroceram
Nenad Lj Perović, Kosta D Maglić
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p. 445-453
Thermophysics properties of aluminium titanate
Stephen P Turner, Roy Taylor
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p. 455-460
Effect of salt doping on critical parameters in reentrant phase transitions
Theyencheri Narayanan, Anil Kumar, Erode S R Gopal
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p. 461-471
Thermophysical properties of gaseous sulphur hexafluoride in the range 220-1000 K: 43 experiments described by a unique intermolecular potential
Boris Stefanov, Lydia Zarkova, Lev R Fokin, Victor E Lyusternik, Vladimir V Altunin, Evgenii E Tozkii
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p. 473-483
Temperature and initial-density dependence of the vapour phase viscosity of 473 n-alkanes (n = 5-7)
Eckhard Vogel, Birgit Holdt
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p. 485-488
Viscosity measurement and flow in a coaxial cylindrical viscometer
Hiroshi Kobayashi, Takeshi Nashima, Yoshizo Okamoto, Fumito Kaminaga
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