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p. 489-500
Experiences from three decades of research on thermophysical properties of solids
Raymond E Taylor
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p. 501-508
The two-linear-parallel-probe method: A review
Alessandro Lanciani, Giovanni Maggioni, Paolo Morabito, Franco Barberis, Renza Berti, Aldo Capelli, Pier Giorgio Sona
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p. 509-515
Temperature dependent thermal diffusitivy measurements by the flash method: application to solids and liquids
Claire Gobbé, Jean Gounot
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p. 517-528
Photoacoustic microscopy by photodeformation applied to thermal diffusivity determination
Daniel L Balageas, Daniel M Boscher, Alain A Déon, Frank Enguehard
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p. 529-535
Some results on the influence of fibre orientation on the thermal expansion coefficient of advanced composite materials
Elio Miraldi, Giulio Romeo, Giuseppe Ruvinetti, Giuseppe Ruscica
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p. 537-541
Influence of zirconium on precipitation phenomena in aluminium-copper-magnesium alloys
Anne-Marie Zahra, Christian Y Zahra, Wolfgang Lacom
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p. 543-551
The optical properties of polished pyrographite
A Yu Basharin, I S Pakhomov, Mikhail A Sheindlin
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p. 553-560
Investigation of the thermophysical properties of tungsten-copper composite materials by the subsecond-pulse method
Inna I Petrova, Vitaly Ya Chekhovskoi
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p. 561-568
Vibrating-wire viscometry on liquid hydrocarbons at high pressure
Marc J Assael, Maria Papadaki, Stephen M Richardson, Carla Oliveira, William A Wakeham
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p. 569-573
Predicting the surface tension of molten alkali halides
Rajendra P Chhabra
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p. 575-581
Heat capacities of aqueous electrolyte solutions at elevated temperatures and pressures
Jean-Yves Coxam, Jacques R Quint, Jean-Pierre E Grolier
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p. 583-588
Sodium vapour pressure between 1000 and 1200 K
Vito Fernicola, Piero Marcarino
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p. 589-594
Gas diffusion coefficients in electrolyte solutions
Erwin-Siegfried Costea, Fernando Corvalan, Wilfred Roetzel
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p. 595-604
Measurement of the thermal diffusivity of molten salts by the forced Rayleigh scattering method
Naoki Nakazawa, Yuji Nagasaka, Akira Nagashima
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p. 605-610
Mixing rules for the prediction of the thermal conductivity of liquid alkane mixtures
Joäo M N A Fareleira, Margarida F C Gomes, Carlos A Nieto de Castro, Agílio A H Pádua
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