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p. 611-614
Universal critical properties of the uniaxial ferroelectrics
Bogustaw Fugiel, Bogumit Westwański, Janina Pawlik
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p. 615-620
Measurement of thermal expansion of low-expansion glasses by a laser interferometric thermal expansion meter
Ryozo Kato, Tadahiko Azumi, Akikazu Maesono
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p. 621-624
An in situ apparatus for determination of thermal conductivity and diffusivity of soils
Dhanraj Chaudhary, Fabio Gori, Giuseppe Grazzini, Asho K Singh
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p. 625-631
Temperature measurements in the high-temperature range (1000-2000 °C) by means of noise thermometry
Heinz Brixy, Rudolph Hecker, Josef Oehmen, Egon Zimmermann
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p. 633-642
State space (Kalman) estimator in the reconstruction of thermal diffusivity from noisy temperature measurements
F Scarpa, R Bartolini, Guido Milano
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p. 643-650
Measurement of the thermal conductivity of insulating materials by a line-source technique
Alfonso García, Enrique Contreras, Serafín Lòpez
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p. 651-658
Determination of thermal properties of casting resin systems for encapsulated transformers
Alfonso García, Fernando Rojas, Rocío Nava
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p. 659-673
Determination of thermal diffusivity of fibrous insulating materials
R Bartolini, F Scarpa, Guido Milano
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p. 675-683
Thermal properties of metastable phases studied by nanosecond laser heating
Pietro Baeri, Maria G Grimaldi, Riccardo Reitano
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p. 685-688
Determination of the melting parameters of aluminium nitride
V L Vinogradov, A V Kostanovskii, A V Kirillin
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p. 689-695
(p,V,T) properties of argon in the temperature range 180-1000 K and at pressures up to 100 MPa
Vaclav Vacek, Ahmed M Hany
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p. 697-700
Density and saturated vapour pressure of liquid alkali-metal alloys
Vladimir V Roschupkin, Mikhail A Pokrasin, Aleksei I Chernov
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p. 701-704
Photoacoustic measurements of thermal dispersion in glass transitions of glycerol and propylene glycol
Seiji Kojima, Tomonori Kashiwada, Sinichi Nakahira
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p. 705-710
Measurement of the diffusion coefficient of supercritical fluids by the Taylor dispersion method
Shuichi Umezawa, Akira Nagashima
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p. 711-717
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p. 718-722
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