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p. 1-11
High-temperature diamond anvil pressure cells: a review
David M Adams, Andrew G Christy
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p. 13-21
High-pressure Raman study of the α-quartz forms of SiO2 and GeO2 at room temperature
Lin-gun Liu, Terrence P Mernagh
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p. 23-34
The application of a pseudopotential approach to the physics of binary intermetallic compounds
Uwe Walzer
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p. 35-44
Melting temperature systematics of binary intermetallic compounds
Uwe Walzer
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p. 45-54
Phase relationships of boron nitride at high static pressures up to 15 GPa
Akifumi Onodera, Hitoshi Sumiya, Koji Higashi, Norikazu Takahashi, Ryuichiro Oshima, Hiroyasu Saka, Koji Nobugai, Fumikazu Kanamaru
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p. 55-63
High-pressure neutron diffraction study of the orientational and reversible phase transition in RbCI
Akifumi Onodera, Yutaka Nakai, Shinji Kawano, Norio Achiwa
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p. 65-74
Technique for ultrasonic measurement of samples at 2.0 GPa and 600 °C
Herbert Niesler, George Fischer
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p. 75-85
A method for measuring emissivities and true temperatures from multiple spectral reflexion in pyrometry
Yinghang Chen
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p. 85-96
The heat capacity Cp of solids, liquids, glasses, the liquid-glass, and solid-‘jelly’ transitions, and their influence on phase diagram calculations
Michael Hoch
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p. 97-104
Effet de la pression d’oxygène sur la vaporisation d’un oxyde simple (cas de l’oxyde de niobium)
Georges Pichelin, Alain Rouanet
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p. 105-117
Étude thèorique de l’influence de l’oxygène sur la vaporisation de systèmes d’oxydes. Étude du système Fe-Mn-Nb-Ta-O
Georges Pichelin, Alain Rouanet, Maurice Djona
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p. 119-121
Obituary: Oswald Kubaschewski
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p. 122
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