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p. 123-126
Experimental study of phase transitions in cobalt by means of the acoustic method
Vladimir V Roschupkin, Nikolay A Semashko
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p. 127-133
An analytical method of determining the heat capacity at high temperatures from the surface temperature of a cooling sphere
Rosemary A MacDonald
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p. 135-143
Measurement of the specific heat capacity of solids at 300-1200 K by radiative step heating
Aharon Nabi, Raymond E Taylor
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p. 145-154
Advances in modulation calorimetry and related techniques
Yakov A Kraftmakher
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p. 155-163
Characterisation of metal matrix composites by thermophysical measurements
Wolfgang Lacom, Jian Qu, Hans P Degischer, Theodore Schmitt, Heinz Leitner
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p. 165-173
Thermodynamic and transport properties of Nichrome 5
Kosta D Maglić, Aleksandar S Dobrosavljević, Nenad Lj Perović
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p. 175-178
Thermal diffusivity of amorphous plastic materials
Amelia Sparavigna, Marco Omini, Aldo Pasquarelli, Alfredo Strigazzi
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p. 179-183
The thermal conductivity of boron carbide after fast-neutron irradiation to a burn-up of 12% total boron
Stephen D Preston, Nigel S P Hodgetts, Carl F Bilsby
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p. 185-194
Density of 1-chloro-1,1-difluoroethane (R142b)
Ana T Sousa, Carlos A Nieto de Castro, Roland Tufeu, Bernard Le Neindre
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p. 195-208
Multiphase carbon and its properties in complex mixtures
Mathias van Thiel, Francis H Ree
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p. 209-214
Experimental studies on the influence of an additional degree of freedom on the critical properties of a binary solution of limited miscibility
Sylwester J Rzoska
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p. 215-220
Nonlinear dielectric effect in a critical binary solution: an experimental verification of theoretical predictions
Sylwester J Rzoska
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p. 221-230
Viscosity of gaseous R123, R134a, and R142b
Homayoun Nabizadeh, Franz Mayinger
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p. 231-240
Diffusion-controlled condensation from a two-species mixture
Ronald L Reisbig
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