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p. 363-366
Thermodynamic and elastic properties of arsenic chalcogenides
Ruslan A Medzhidov
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p. 367-377
High-temperature thermophysical properties of nonscattering semitransparent materials I: methods and instrumentation for the determination of spectral absorptivity and thermal conductivity of melts
Vladimir D Golyshev, Michael A Gonik
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p. 379-389
Isotropic thermal bulk expansion of fibre-reinforced ceramic composites
Erich Fitzer, Armin Pfeiffer
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p. 391-402
Optical properties of high-temperature fibrous silica thermal insulation
Sergei S Moiseev, Vadim A Petrov, Sergei V Stepanov
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p. 403-407
Contribution of the periodic state to thermal measurements in building materials
Jean-Marc Roucoult, Thierry Langlet, Jean-Marie Devisme
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p. 409-414
Experimental determination and modelling of the apparent thermal conductivity of active charcoals in the presence of inert gases or reactive vapours
Landon Onyebueke, Michel Feidt
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p. 415-420
Thermal properties of organic and inorganic thermal storage materials in direct contact with heat carriers
Tadashi Asashina, Koji Tajiri, Mineo Kosaka
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p. 421-426
Visualisation of breakup effects in fuel injection devices shown by light-guide fluorescence
Peter Roosen
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p. 427-434
Thermal radiation properties of molybdenum
Evgenii N Shestakov, Vitalii Ya Chekhovskoi
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p. 435-442
Saturated-liquid densities and bubble-point pressures of the binary system HCFC-22 + HCFC-142b
Yukishige Maezawa, Haruki Sato, Koichi Watanabe
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p. 443-447
Second virial coefficients of nonspherical molecules
Ali Boushehri, Ali Maghari
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p. 449-454
Bubble-point and dew-point equation for binary refrigerant mixture R22 – R142b
Liancheng Tan, Zhongyou Zhao, Yonghong Duan
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p. 455-464
On the features of parametric equations of state in the critical region
Victor A Rabinovich, Yuri E Sheludyak
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p. 465-468
Liquid – liquid – gas phase equilibrium in the water – n-hexane binary system
Ilmutdin M Abdulagatov, Umakhan B Magomedov
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p. 469-474
The thermal conductivity of carbon dioxide – ethane mixtures in the critical region
Richard Mostert, Hans R van den Berg, Pieter S van der Gulik, Jan V Sengers
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p. 475-480
Calculation of the transport properties of dense fluids by means of a real intermolecular potential and the Enskog theory
Aleksander A Vasserman, Igor P Khasilev
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p. 481-487
Thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity measurements on viscous fluids with the two-linear-parallel-probes method
Pier G Sona, Franco Barberis, Renza Beri, Aldo Capelli
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