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p. 489-503
The effects of pressure on partial molar volumes in binary liquid mixtures of nonelectrolytes (A Review)
Sefton D Hamann
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p. 505-510
Optimization of uniform temperature distribution in a cubic cell under high pressure and high temperature
Daniel L Decker, Wei Chen
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p. 511-518
Optimisation of thermodynamic properties and calculation of phase diagrams for the Cd-Sn system at high pressure
Weiya Zhou, Lizhu Song, Fengqing Wu, Muyu Zhao
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p. 519-523
Application of the heating curve technique for pressure calibration in a multianvil high-pressure device
Masami Kanzaki
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p. 525-532
Comparative efficiency of NaCI, NaBr, NaCl1–xBrx mixed salts, pyrophyllite, and talc as thermal insulators, investigated up to 4.5 GPa and 1200 °C
Geneviève Bocquillon, Christine Bogicevic, Christiane Loriers-Susse, Jean Loriers
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p. 533-535
Derivative thermal analysis under high pressure
Yurii A Kocherzhinskii, Vladimir I Vasilenko, Vladimir Z Turkevich
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p. 537-542
Experimental measurements of the enthalpy of solid and liquid rhenium
Rongshan Lin, Martin G Frohberg
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p. 543-550
Determination of mixing enthalpies of the liquid vanadium-silicon system by levitation-alloying calorimetry
Rongshan Lin, Martin G Frohberg
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Papers from the 12th ECTP

p. 551-580
The measurement of thermal conductivity at high temperatures
Umesh V Mardolcar, Carlos A Nieto de Castro
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p. 581-588
Numerical simulation of the equivalent thermal conductivity of enclosures filled with two vertical layers of porous insulation and air
Antonio Campo, Ulises Lacoa, Juan C Morales, Honorio Campos
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p. 589-596
Mesure des conductivitès thermiques de cèramiques et de rèfractaires par la mèthode du fil chaud
François Cabannes
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p. 597-601
Workshop on new and improved methods of measurement of thermophysical properties
Ronald P Tye
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p. 603-606
Thermophysical properties of thin films: report on the workshop
Robert O Pohl
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