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p. 3-16
Supercooling of rapidly-quenched liquid cobalt droplets
Pedro P Bolsaitis, Raymond K F Lam, John F Elliott
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p. 17-34
Mass spectrometric study of the Na2P2O5 system: the vaporisation of NaPO3(s, I) and Na3PO4(s) phosphates
Luis F Malheiros, Christian Chatillon, Michel Allibert
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p. 35-51
High temperature mass-spectrometric study of the Na2P2O5 and Na2P2O5–SiO2 systems. Activity determinations by the multiple Knudsen-cell method
Luis F Malheiros, Christian Chatillon, Michel Allibert
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p. 53-62
Analysis of procedures used to study the melting behaviour of silicate slags
Christiaan H J B van Gaans, Christopher P Broadbent, Nicolaas Teunissen, Johannes A P Bottema
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p. 63-66
Thermal properties of potassium salts in the solid and liquid phases by the AC-heated wire technique
Abdelwahab A El-Sharkawy, Mohamed T Dessouky, Massarat B S Osman, Amira Z Dakroury, Sobhy R Atalla
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p. 67-70
Estimation of the radiant component of the thermal conductivity of liquids at high temperatures
Amin A Tarzimanov, Farizan R Gabitov, Farid D Usemuchametov, Rinat A Sharafutdinov
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p. 71-77
Optical thermometry with Planck’s law
Jon D Grandy, William J Carmack, Richard R Hobbins
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p. 79-88
A method for the measurement of the spectral and total directional emissivity of materials at high temperatures
Jean-Pierre Traverse, Hassane Ganda, Robert Authamayou, Robert Saporte
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p. 89-98
Effect of porosity on the thermal conductivity of alumina
Wilson Nunes Dos Santos, Roy Taylor
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p. 99-104
Dissociation of tetrahydronapthalene under conditions of high temperature and high pressure
Yoshiaki Ogo, Eiji Tachibana, Kenji Kuranuki, Yukio Miyamoto
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p. 105-112
Ultrahigh-pressure and high-temperature generation by use of the MA8 system with sintered-diamond anvils
Tadashi Kondo, Hiroshi Sawamoto, Akira Yoneda, Manabu Kato, Akihito Matsumuro, Takehiko Yagi
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p. 113-116
Phase equilibria in the Fi–Ni–C and Fe–Co–C systems under high temperatures and high pressures
Yurii A Kocherzhinskii, Olga G Kulik, Vladimir Z Turkevich
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p. 117-122
(Fe–15Cr–15Ni)–N phase diagram: theory and experiment
James C Rawers, Karin Frisk
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