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p. 123-124
A tribute to Giuseppe Ruffino (1923–1993)
Francesco Righini
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p. 125-134
High-speed pyrometry at IMGC
Francesco Righini
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p. 135-159
An approach to the dynamic stability of high-temperature superconductors
Harald Reiss
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p. 161-169
Adiabatic high-temperature calorimetry for the investigation of slow exothermal phase transformations
Svein Stølen, Fredrik Grønvold
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p. 171-177
A rough-hard-sphere model for the equation of state of hard convex-body fluids
Maria J Maeso, José R Solana
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p. 179-184
Prediction of volumetric properties of halogenated ethanes
Rakesh Malhotra, Lawrence A Woolf
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p. 185-192
Mutual diffusion coefficients of halogenated-hydrocarbon refrigerant-air systems
Naoki Matsunaga, Morio Hori, Akira Nagashima
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p. 193-203
Measurement of thermophysical properties by a pulse-heating method: tungsten, 1200 to 3600 K
Francesco Righini, Jan Spišak, Gian Carlo Bussolino, Alfonso Rosso
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p. 205-212
The transient plane-source technique: experimental capability and data handling
Bashir M Suleiman, Ernest Karawacki, Silas E Gustafsson
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p. 213-219
Residual stress and corrosion in high-temperature ZrO2 coatings
Vasco Teixeira, Martin Andritschky
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p. 221-231
Study of liquid and solid tin at high temperatures and high pressures
Alexander G Umnov, Vadim V Brazhkin
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p. 233-242
Development of a high temperature acoustic emission technique used to measure microcracking in titanium dioxide
Stephen P Turner, Roy Taylor
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p. 243-244
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