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p. 245-251
Stability of Sr4Cu2O9 and other oxygen-rich phases synthesized at 7–23 GPa
Tibor Gasparik
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p. 253-257
The thermal conductivity of CFC alternatives HCFC-123 and HFC-134a in the liquid phase
Yuji Kobayashi, Yoshihiro Ueno, Yuji Nagasaka, Akira Nagashima
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Papers from the 13th ECTP

p. 259-267
Measurements of the thermal conductivity of R22, R123, R134a, and R152a
Marc J Assael, Lefteris Karagiannidis, Sofia K Polimatidou
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p. 269-277
New improved recommendations for the thermal conductivity of toluene and water
Maria L V Ramires, Carlos A Nieto de Castro, Richard A Perkins
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p. 279-289
Temperature and initial density dependence of viscosity of binary mixtures: carbon dioxide–ethane
Stephan Hendl, Eckhard Vogel
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p. 291-296
The speed of sound in a gaseous mixture of methane and propane
J P Martin Trusler, William A Wakeham, Maria P Zarari
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p. 297-300
Dielectric investigation of mixtures showing phase separation effect in the overcooled state
Małgorzata Śliwińka-Bartkowiak, Bolesław Szurkowski, Tadeusz Hilczer
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p. 301-310
Measurement of the compression factor of light hydrocarbons by a dielectric method
Jean-Marie St-Arnaud, Ahmed Hourri, Tapan K Bose, Dominique Ingrain
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p. 311-321
Investigation of the thermophysical properties of cerium at high temperature under 0.14 GPa
Michel Boivineau, Jean-Baptiste Charbonnier, Jean-Marc Vermeulen, Thierry Thévenin
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p. 323-327
Characterization of molten metals through multiple thermophysical property measurements
Jack B Henderson, Raymond E Taylor, Hans Groot
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p. 329-336
Methods to measure relevant thermal characteristics of thin films of CVD diamond and other highly conducting materials
Akikazu Maesono, Ronald P Tye, Robert L Gardner
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p. 337-342
An instrumentation for the measurement of heat capacity by thermal radiation heating: an application to electroceramics
Kumao Hisano, Takashi Yamamoto
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p. 343-351
Infrared-optical properties of insulating powders
Joachim Kuhn, Gerhard Göbel, Saschan Korder, Maria-Carla Arduini-Schuster, Jochen Fricke
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p. 353-358
Density dependence of the shear viscosity of dense hard spheres
Zhe-Ming Hu, Byung C Eu
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p. 359-366
Correlation of dense-fluid self-diffusion and shear viscosity coefficients
Kenneth R Harris
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