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p. 367-378
Durability of the high-temperature emissivity of HfC and dendritic rhenium on tungsten
Lynn B Lundberg
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Papers from the 13th ECTP

p. 379-390
Materials research for the optimization of thermal insulations
Jochen Fricke
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p. 391-402
The hot-wire method applied to porous materials of low thermal conductivity
Hans-Peter Ebert, Volker Bock, Ove Nilsson, Jochen Fricke
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p. 403-410
Thermal diffusivity measurements on two-layered and three-layered systems with the laser-flash method
Jürgen Hartmann, Ove Nilsson, Jochen Fricke
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p. 411-415
Thermal diffusivity of thin films on a substrate measured by the photoacoustic method: sputtered Ti and Zr films
Masanori Akabori, Osamu Sawajiri, Yuji Nagasaka
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p. 417-420
Photopyroelectric study of specific heat, thermal conductivity, and thermal diffusivity of Cr2O3
Massimo Marinelli, Ugo Zammit, Fulvio Mercuri, Folco Scudieri, Roberto Pizzoferrato, Dorin Dadarlat
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p. 421-427
Characterization of rock-forming minerals and the simultaneous measurement of their thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity from room temperature to 250 °C
Narendra S Saxena, Sita R Joshi, Mahesh P Saksena
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p. 429-434
Transport and calorimetric properties of Hastelloy X by pulse thermal diffusivity and calorimetry methods
Kosta D Maglić, Nenad Lj Perović, Andrej M Stanimirović
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p. 435-442
The effect of surface-active elements on the liquid–vapour surface tension of liquid 304-stainless steel
Ali Kalkanli, David Grant, John V Wood, Ekrem Selçuk
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p. 443-450
Thermal conductivity of carbon fibres
Roy Taylor, Stephen P Turner, Kevin Garner, Xiang X Jiang
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p. 451-458
The measurement of the thermal conductivity of gases at low density by the transient hot-wire technique
Sam F Y Li, Maria Papadaki, William A Wakeham
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p. 459-464
Experimental study of the thermodynamic properties of difluoromethane (R32)
Carlo Baroncini, Roberto Camporese, Giuliano Giuliani, Giovanni Latini, Fabio Polonara
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p. 465-469
New accurate data on the viscosity of toluene under high pressure
Fernando J V Santos, Carlos A Nieto de Castro
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p. 471-474
Thermal diffusion factor in gas mixtures
Ali Boushehri, Elaheh K Goharshadi
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p. 475-479
High-pressure phase equilibrium calculations for blowdown of vessels containing two-phase multicomponent hydrocarbon mixtures
Haroun Mahgerefteh, Angela Wong, Nagendra Giri
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p. 481-486
The equilibrium and transport properties of heavy fluorine-containing gases predicted with the use of the vibrationally-excited-states-of-molecules (VESM) model
Boris Stefanov, Lydia Zarkova
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p. 487-490
The model of vibrationally excited states of molecules as a tool for calculating thermodynamic and transport properties of molecular gases: SF6 as an example
Boris Stefanov, Lydia Zarkova
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