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Papers from the 13th ECTP

p. 491-501
Simulation of liquid–vapour equilibria of hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) mixtures by the UNIFAC model
Roger Jadot, Marc Frère
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p. 503-511
The viscosity of carbon dioxide and its initial density dependence
Stephen Hendl, Ann-Katrin Neumann, Eckhard Vogel
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p. 513-518
Thermal conductivity of toluene in the temperature range 193–453 K
Toshihiko Yamada, Takehiko Yaguchi, Yuji Nagasaka, Akira Nagashima
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p. 519-524
Vaporization study on manganese zinc ferrite by mass spectrometry (1)
Tsuneo Matsui, Hideaki Inaba
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p. 525-530
Method and apparatus for measurements of specific heat capacity and emissivity of ribbon-shaped samples by use of pulse-current heating
Tsuyoshi Matsumoto, Akira Ono
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p. 531-538
A new dynamic technique for heat-capacity measurement at high temperatures: the high-speed cooling method
Tsuneo Matsui, Tetsuya Ishii, Ryoichi Sasaki, Keiji Naito
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p. 539-543
High temperature calorimetric measurements of Zr–0.01Nb alloy at various rates of heating
Viktor E Lusternik, Vladislav E Peletsky, Inna I Petrova
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p. 545-551
Evaluation of the thermal diffusivity of functionally gradient materials
Atsushi Makino, Nobuyuki Araki
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p. 553-559
Thermal diffusivity measurement of thin films by the periodic-heat-flow method with laser heating
Yuqin Gu, Dezhong Zhu, Limei Zhu, Junliang Ye
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p. 561-568
Thermal conductivity of alumina-reinforced aluminium matrix composites
Rüdiger Brandt, Grazyna Jaroma-Weiland, Günther Neuer, Wolfgang Lacom
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p. 569-576
Thermal diffusivity and electric resistivity of molten materials
Raymond E Taylor, Hans Groot, Jack B Henderson
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p. 577-584
Hot-wire measurement of thermal conductivity of solids: a new approach
Xinxin Zhang, Alain Degiovanni, Denis Maillet
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p. 585-592
Pulse heating in the nonsteady-state probe method for the study of moist porous media
Izaak A van Haneghem, Gerard M H Verhaegh, Wilko K P van Loon, Jan Bontsema
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p. 593-597
FLASH — a software package for data acquisition and data analysis in the flash method
Libor Vozár, Jozef Gembarovič, Vladimír Majerník
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p. 599-606
Thermodynamic effects of the thermal conductivity dependence upon temperature in two-dimensional heat conduction
Giacomo Bisio, Giuliano Cammarata, Alberto Fichera, Luigi Marietta
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p. 607-612
Formulation for the integrated effective emissivity of any diffuse, circularly-symmetric blackbody cavity
Zaixiang Chu, Jin He, Jingmin Dai, Wenxian Chen, Ronald E Bedford
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