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Papers from the 13th ECTP

p. 613-627
Micron-scale thermal characterization of cracks and interfaces in composite materials by the photoreflectance method
François Lepoutre, Philippe Forge, Fa Chung Chen, Daniel Balageas
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p. 629-634
Identification of radiative properties by solution of an inverse radiative problem: application to fibrous insulating media
Vicente P Nicolau, Jean-François Sacadura
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p. 635-641
Exploitation of the regular-state phenomenon in thermokinetics for the determination of the thermal properties of building materials
Antoine Vianou, Gabriel Poloniecki, Andre Girardey, Adj Mamadou
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p. 643-647
High-temperature measurement of the specific heat of building materials
Jan Toman, Robert Černý
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p. 649-656
Radiance temperatures (in the wavelength range 520–906 nm) of tantalum at its melting point by a pulse-heating technique
Ared Cezairliyan, John L McClure, Archie P Miller
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p. 657-664
Measurement of the thermophysical properties of melts by a levitated-drop method
Robert F Brooks, Kenneth C Mills
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p. 665-669
Nonequilibrium effects of the Cu47.8Zr47.1Fe5.1 glassy system
L’udovit Kubičár, Gabriel Vlasák, Pavol Duhaj
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p. 671-676
Characterisation in the steady state of a heterogeneous anisotropic plate by an equivalent homogeneous material
Fatima El-Moussali, Nicolas Marilier, Jean-Pierre Fradin, Jean-Jacques Vullierme
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p. 677-683
Saturated-liquid densities and bubble-point pressures of the binary system HFC-32 + HFC-125
Januarius V Widiatmo, Haruki Sato, Koichi Watanabe
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p. 685-691
Ultrasonic speeds in liquid difluoromethane under high pressures
Toshiharu Takagi
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p. 693-697
Thermophysical property measurements on a complex high-temperature polymer composite
Jack B Henderson, Wolf-D Emmerich, Ludwig Hagemann, Ekkehard Post
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p. 699-705
Measurements of the thermal diffusivity and of the ultrasonic velocity of a carbon-carbon composite by the electromagnetic ultrasonic technique
Eiji Matsushima, Koichiro Sawa, Akira Nagashima
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Nonconference papers

p. 707-712
Effect of matrix modification with heat-treated resin on the mechanical properties of carbon/carbon composites
Tae Jin Kang, Yi Woon Jeong
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p. 713-718
A correlation for the viscosity of liquid metals
Rajendra P Chhabra, Anubhav Tripathi
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p. 719
Young on Thomas (Ed.): Essentials of carbon–carbon composites
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p. 721-727
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p. 729-733
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