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p. 123-131
A high-pressure furnace for alloying steels with nitrogen
Gregory J Slavens, John S Dunning
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p. 133-143
Influence of temperature on the mechanical and structural behaviour of sintered and ingot molybdenum
Stèphane Souquet, Christian Gèrard, Jean-Piere Traverse
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p. 145-149
A study of the properties of Mo – La203 thermionic electron-emission material
Zhou Meiling, Cheng Zhongchun, Zhang Jiuxing, Li Jun, Zuo Tieyong
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p. 151-156
The interaction of tungsten and molybdenum with copper-silicon melts
Valery V Skorohod, Mihail M Churakov, Viktor P Titov
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Papers from the 13th ECTP

p. 157-161
Thermal conductivity of SiGe-GaP alloys
David M Rowe, Simon G K Williams, Gao Min
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p. 163-175
Influence of the boundary conditions on the estimation of thermophysical properties from transient experiments
Federico Scarpa, Guido Milano
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p. 177-182
Thermal diffusivity identification and measurement noise
Jean Gounot, Jean Luc Battaglia
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p. 183-186
Derivation of the equations of state of fluids from the direct summation of their virial series
Maria J Maeso, Josè R Solana
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p. 187-192
Prediction of the thermal conductivity of atom – diatom gas mixtures
Velisa Vesovic, William A Wakeham
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p. 193-201
Thermodynamic properties of HFC-125 based on (p, V, T) measurements
Takahiko Sagawa, Haruki Sato, Koichi Watanabe
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p. 203-207
The phase diagram of LiNO3 – KNO3. Behaviour of the liquid mixture
Maria J Maeso, Julio Largo
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p. 209-212
Differential scanning calorimetry as a criterion for the formation of three-component interpolymer complexes with mediators of low molecular mass
Natalia V Avramenko, Olga V Kargina, Olga V Prazdnichnaya, Marina N Phrolova
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p. 213-216
A simple method for determining mass diffusion coefficients by electronic speckle holography
Giorgio Galli, Fulvio Marcotullio, Domenica Paoletti, Maria Richetta
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p. 217-223
Surface tension of levitated liquid noble metals
Ivan Egry, Stefan Sauerland, Gerd Jacobs
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p. 225-230
ln-situ characterisation of soil effusivity by measurement of thermal admittance
Bruno Duthoit, Didier Defer, Emmanuel Antczak, Liliane Oter
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p. 231-239
Selective thermal diffuse scattering (tds) of single crystals
Helmuth H Schloessin
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