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p. 363-374
Raman spectra of pyrope and MgSiCO3-10AI2O3 garnet at various pressures and temperatures
Lin-gun Liu, Terence P Mernagh, Tetsuo Irifune
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p. 375-384
Measurements of ultrasonic wave velocities at high temperature and high pressure for window glass, pyrophyllite, and kimberlite up to 1400 °C and 5.5 GPa
Ji-an Xu, Yueming Zhang, Wei Hou, Huigang Xu, Jei Guo, Zhuming Wang, Hongru Zhao, Ruju Wang, Eugene Huang, Hongsen Xie
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p. 385-391
Glass transition in a polymer under pressure: isothermal bulk modulus and relaxation effects
Anders Lundin, Russell G Ross
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p. 393-400
Toroid-anvil high-pressure high-temperature AC conductivity measurements on fast-ion conductors
Chockalingam Karunakaran, Sudhir N Vaidya
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p. 401-407
ln-situ Knudsen-cell temperature calibration to 2600 K
Jacques C LeBlanc, Joanna McFarlane
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p. 409-412
Metrological characteristics of manganin resistance manometers made from German-manufactured wires
Shojiro Yamamoto
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p. 413-420
An adiabatic calorimeter for measurements of temperature rise in concrete
Paolo Morabito, Franco Barberis
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p. 421-426
Speed of sound in liquid 1,1-dichloro-2,2,2-trifluoroethane (HCFC-123)
Vaclav Vacek, John A Zollweg
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p. 427-438
A correlation method for data on saturation thermodynamic properties and its application to methane
Sumanta Khan, Kandadai Srinivasan
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p. 439-442
On the thermodynamic basis of the Simon equation
Vladimir V Kechin
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p. 443-446
Some new Ta–W alloys
Zhang Deyao, Zhang Tingjie, Wu Lujian, He Kang
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p. 447-450
Investigation of a new Mo – 0.5Ti – 0.7Y alloy
Chen Xinyou, Shen Yurong, Wang Keguang, Yin Weihong, Ye Yongcai
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p. 451-455
Some high-temperature properties of silicon nitride
Rostislav A Andrievski
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p. 457-464
Mechanical properties of high-temperature fasteners made from refractory alloys
Reinhard Heidenreich, Rainer Schäfer, Helmut Clemens, Michael Witwer
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p. 465-473
The long-term oxidation behaviour of iron-based ODS alloys
Norman Wood, Quentin Mabbutt, Jerzy Wonsowski, Fred Starr
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p. 475
Sale on Stolyarova, Semenov: Mass spectrometric study of the vaporization of oxide systems
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