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p. 477-496
Apparatus for equation-of-state measurements
Anders Lundin, Russell G Ross, Gunnar Bäckström
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p. 497-505
Equilibrium point defects and the thermophysical properties of metals
Yaakov Kraftmakher
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p. 507-514
Corresponding-states correlations for the surface tension of molten alkali metals
Mohammad Hadi Ghatee, Ali Boushehri
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p. 515-518
Effect of high pressure on the Debye temperature and the electron-phonon mass-enhancement factor of Pr
Sambasivam Sankar, Mamundi Dakshinamoorthy, Kombaiathevar Iyakutti
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p. 519-530
Saturation equilibrium and slope properties of R-123
Sumanta Khan, Kandadai Srinivasan
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p. 531-534
Research on the thermophysical properties of SiC ceramic materials
Wu Qingren, Ma Xiling, Liu Zhenqun
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p. 535-538
Production of tubes of PM2000 via the Anval processing route
Georg Korb, G Pitois
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p. 539-547
PM processing and characterisation of a niobium-based alloy for high-temperature application
Helmut Clemens, Hubert Alber, Udo Gennari, Michael Witwer, Günter Kneringer, Wilfried Smarsly
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p. 549-560
Thermal stability of dispersoids in the ferritic ODS alloys PM2000 and MA956
Peter Krautwasser, Martin Widera, Daniela Eßer, Brian D Wirth, Dieter Sporer
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p. 561-566
Study of the solid-phase sintering of the Nb-Ti-AI system
Te-Wei Huang
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p. 567-576
Experience with furnace molyware in UO2 sintering plants at British Nuclear Fuels, Springfields
Dan Green
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p. 577-586
Influence of heat treatment on the constitution and recrystallisation response of PM3030
Johannes Zbiral, Gerhard Jangg, Dieter Sporer, Georg Korb
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p. 587-593
Small-angle neutron scattering investigation of the sintering of molybdenum powders
Oskar Blaschko, Rainer Glas, Gerhard Krexner, Peter, Gerhard Leichtfried
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