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p. 1-2
In memoriam: Professor Luigi Crovini (1937–1995)
Francesco Righini
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p. 3-23
Thermodynamics of the Si–C system I. Mass spectrometric studies of the condensed phases at high temperature
Philippe Rocabois, Christian Chatillon, Claude Bernard
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p. 25-39
Thermodynamics of the Si–C system II. Mass spectrometric determination of the enthalpies of formation of molecules in the gaseous phase
Philippe Rocabois, Christian Chatillon, Claude Bernard, Françoise Genet
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p. 41-45
Measurement of the thermal properties of Li2CO3, Na2CO3, K2CO3, CaCO3,  MgCO3, and NiCO3 in the temperature range 300–700 K by the heat-flash technique
Abdelsalam M Abousehly, Mohamed M Ibrahiem, Mohamed T Desouky, Afaf M Abdel-Rahman, Mohamed Tag-Alden, Sobhi R Atalla
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p. 47-52
Temperature dependence of thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity of rocks and minerals
Kanupriya Sachdev, Kanan Bala Sharma, Narendra S Saxena, Amrendra K Sinha
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p. 53-58
Transport and calorimetric properties of AISI 321 by pulse thermal diffusivity and calorimetric techniques
Nenad Lj Perović, Kosta D Maglić, Andrej M Stanimirović, Gligo S Vuković
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p. 59-65
The specific enthalpy and entropy of the vapours of alkali-metal binary eutectics at high temperatures
Vladimir M Anisimov, Nikolai I Sidorov, Evgenii L Studnikov
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p. 67-73
Detonation characteristics of liquid explosives with gaseous products
Mohamed Safwat Abdulazeem
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p. 75-79
The influence of high pressure on the solidification (glass transition) temperature of di(2-ethylhexyl) sebacate
Roland Wiśniewski, Piotr Machowski, Piotr Komorowski
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p. 81-90
Kinetics of sintering for powder systems with bimodal pore-size distribution
Eugene Olevsky, R Rein
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p. 91-98
Viscosity of new refrigerants
Carla M B P Oliveira, William A Wakeham
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p. 99-107
Global warming and the depletion of the ozone layer: the effect of halocarbons
Filipe D Santos
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p. 109
Todd on Lohr, Steen: Ultra High Temperature Mechanical Testing
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