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p. 111-134
A review of techniques for measuring the thermal diffusivity of thin films and coatings
Stephen D Preston
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p. 135-146
An intercomparison of normal spectral emissivity measurements between NPL (UK) and IMGC (Italy)
John Redgrave, Maura Battuello
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p. 147-155
Measurements of thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity of serpentinites at high pressure up to 500 MPa
Ulfert Seipold
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p. 157-162
High pressure x-ray diffraction studies of UX3 (X = Al, Si, Ga, Ge, In, Sn)
Tristan Le Bihan, Stephen Heathman, Stéphane Darracq, Christian Abraham, Jean-Marc Winand, Ulrich Benedict
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p. 163-169
High pressure thermoelectric power and electrical resistance measurements in WS2 single crystals
Ajay Agarwal, Sudeep Goyal, Mahendra K Agarwal, Sudhir N Vaidya, Chokalingham Karunakaran
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p. 171-176
Equation of state and thermal expansivity at high pressures and high temperatures for NaCI crystal
Lisy M Thomas, Jai Shanker
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p. 177-182
Thermal expansivity and bulk modulus of NaCI crystal at high temperatures
Sobran S Kushwah, Jai Shanker
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p. 183-189
High temperature behaviour of the spectral and total emissivity of CMC materials
Günther Neuer, Richard Kochendörfer, Frank Gern
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p. 191-204
Simultaneous estimations of radiative and conductive properties in lightweight insulating materials
Valter Giaretto, Elio Miraldi, Giuseppe Ruscica
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p. 205-214
The reconciling of diverse literature sources of p, V, T data on KLEA 134a
Ian B Parker, Mark H Barley, Robert W Wheelhouse
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p. 215-226
Calculation of excess properties, phase equilibria, and global phase diagrams of mixtures containing refrigerants
Andreas Bolz, Nico Dahmen, Ulrich K Deiters
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p. 227-236
Dynamic light scattering: a method to determine the thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity of environmentally acceptable refrigerants
Boris Kruppa, Johannes Straub
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