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p. 347-355
Theory of transient surface grating decay dynamics for thin films
Bufa Zhang, Robert E Imhof, Mahmood Alam
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p. 357-363
Piston gauges for pressure measurements in liquids up to 3 GPa
Gianfranco Molinar
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p. 365-369
Characteristics of cast magnesium oxide as a pressure-transmitting medium for a multi-anvil device for high pressure experiments in the 10 GPa region
Takashi Taniguchi, David Dobson, Richard Rabe, Adrian P Jones
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p. 371-376
Dielectric properties of Bi12GeO20 (100) single crystals under hydrostatic pressures
Kamlesh K Jain, Subhash C Kashyap
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p. 377-382
The possibility of local pair superconductivity in liquid selenium
Semyon D Savransky
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p. 383-388
Metallic transitions in InAs, InP, and GaAs at high pressure
Zhongxing Bao, James R Anderson, V Hugo Schmidt
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p. 389-402
A decade of development and application of millisecond resolution calorimetry between 300 and 2500 K at the Institute of Nuclear Sciences “Vinča”
Kosta D Maglić, Aleksandar S Dobrosavljević, Nenad Lj Perović, Andrej M Stanimirović, Gligo S Vukovic
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p. 403-410
New automated apparatus for the measurement of spectral emissivity of nonconducting materials by high-speed spectrometer
Vitaly S Dozhdikov, Vadim A Petrov
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p. 411-422
New experimental facility for measurement of total and spectral emissivities of various thermal protection materials and coatings at high temperatures
Vitaly S Dozhdikov, Vadim A Petrov
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p. 423-428
Reflectometer and pyroreflectometer equipped with optical fibre probes for measurements in severe conditions
Daniel Hernandez, Gabriel Olalde, Alexis Beck, Jean-Michel Gineste, Jacques Py, Michel Clement
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p. 429-434
Development of a stagnation temperature probe for supersonic combustion flows
Olivier Pin, Jean-Marie Badie, Gabriel Olalde, Michel Clement
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p. 435-448
Experimental and theoretical investigation of the oxidation behaviour of thermal protection materials under oxygen attack
Gerhard Hilfer, Monika Auweter-Kurtz
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p. 449-456
Problems and prospects of silicon nitride materials for applications at temperatures above 1400 °C
Hagen Klemm, Mathias Herrmann, Christian Schubert, Waldemar Hermel
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