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p. 583-594
Excess viscosity of supercritical fluids
Marc J Assael, Zafiris A Gallis, Velisa Vesovic
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p. 595-598
Temperature dependence of elastic constants: MgO as an example
Munish Kumar, Santosh S Bedi
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p. 599-610
Pulse relaxation method: a new way of investigating anisotropic homogeneous high temperature composites
Peter L Arbeiter, Günther Neuer
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p. 611-628
Growth of metastable diamond in liquid phase: a proposed mechanism and its implications
Chien-Min Sung, Ming-Fong Tai
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p. 629-636
Phase transitions of Li2ZrO3 and Li4SiO4 at high temperatures by DTA and EXAFS analysis
Tatsuya Tokunaga, Tsuneo Matsui, Yuji Arita, Hiroto Yokoi
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p. 637-642
Acceleration of equilibration in a quasibinary mixture in a gravitational field near the critical consolute point
Leonid A Bulavin, Alexander V Chalyi, Alla V Oleinikova
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p. 643-652
Calculation of the thermal conductivity of a three-phased sand conglomerate oil pool
Zeshao Chen, Wenlong Cheng, Kuixiang Zhang
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p. 653-663
Effective thermal conductivity of compact bentonite as a buffer material for high level radioactive waste
Hiroshi Kiyohashi, Katsunori Banno
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p. 665-672
Thermal conductivity of Ag-filled epoxy adhesive as a function of Ag concentration
Tsukasa Nakai, Masashi Tanaka, Takumi Shimoji, Kazuhiro Nakajima, Shigeru Kohinata
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p. 673-678
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p. 679-683
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