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p. 253-293
A century of progress in the development of very high pressure apparatus for scientific research and diamond synthesis
Chien-Min Sung
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p. 295-307
Effective thermal conductivity measurements by the transient hot-wire method: investigation of the interpretation procedure of experimental data
Malika Baklouti, André Laurent
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p. 309-312
Thermodynamic properties of R410B
Vladimir P Onistchenko, Peter V Zhelezny
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p. 313-318
Thermodynamic properties of polar fluids: ozone-safe refrigerants in gaseous and liquid states
Vladimir P Onistchenko, Oleg F Kutirkin, Vitaly P Zhelezny, Boris P Vladimirov
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p. 319-325
Homogeneous nucleation rates for n-alcohol vapours at high pressure and temperature
Viktor N Chukanov, Boris A Korobitsin
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p. 327-336
Relationships between thermodynamic properties and the function of chemical stability in associative solution
Andrey V Shishkin
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p. 337-344
Measurement and calculation of solid-liquid and liquid-vapour equilibria in a ternary mixture
Jean-Luc Daridon, David Bessieres, Pierre Xans, Bernard Faissat
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p. 345-348
Polythermal investigation of two-liquid phase equilibrium and critical phenomena in the system water-isopropyl alcohol-n-octane
Konstantin K ll’in, Dmitry G Cherkasov
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p. 349-357
Phase equilibria during liquid phase sintering in microgravity
Zhiying Xue, S L Noojin, John G Vandegrift, Anjilivelil K Kuruvilla, James E Smith
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p. 359-364
Equation of state of multicomponent mixtures within perturbation theory in the isothermal-isobaric ensemble
Irina I Adamenko, Alexander V Chaly, Idris A Fakhretdinow, Vladimir M Sysoev
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p. 365-372
Recommended thermophysical data for pure halides and their mixtures obtained by means of an effective isotropic temperature-dependent potential
Lydia Zarkova, Peter Pirgov, Ivan Petkov
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p. 373-378
Investigation of the thermophysical properties of the alloy Zr-0.01Nb by a subsecond pulse-heating technique
Vladislav E Peletsky, Inna I Petrova
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