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Papers from the 14th ECTP

p. 379-384
Detection of thermal waves by infrared radiometry as a tool for on-line characterisation of thermal processes in polymeric coatings and textiles
Robert Hüttner, Thomas Bahners, Eckhard Schollmeyer, Annette Weber, Walter Becker, Bruno K Bein, Josef Pelzl
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p. 385-388
Thermoadjustable molecular alloys for energy storage and thermal protection: fundamental aspects and applications
Denise Mondieig, Alain Marbeuf, Laurence Robles, Philippe Espeau, Bernard Poirier, Yves Haget, Théreza Calvet-Pallas, Miguel-Angel Cuevas-Diarte
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p. 389-396
Vaporisation studies of dysprosium and ytterbium chlorides
Lev S Kudin, Alexander M Pogrebnoi, Alexander Yu Kuznetsov, Mikhail F Butman, Galina G Burdukovskaya
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p. 397-404
Viscosity surface correlation of propane
Eckhard Vogel, Cornelia Küchenmeister
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p. 405-409
Optical observation of the viscosity behaviour of melts by the microparticle dispersion method
Naoya Kikkawa, Masatoshi Oku, Akira Nagashima
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p. 411-415
Thermophysical properties of Fe64/Ni36 (Invar) above the melting region
Achim Seifter, Konstantinos Boboridis, Volodimir Didoukh, Gemot Pottlacher, Helmut Jäger
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p. 417-421
Thermophysical properties of 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane and pentafluoroethane: effective cross-section estimates
Oleg B Tsvetkov, Yuri A Laptev
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p. 423-430
Thermal conductivity of solid nitrogen doped with oxygen impurities
Andrzej Jezowski, Piotr Stachowiak, Jan Mucha, Yurii A Freiman, Vladimir V Sumarokov
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p. 431-442
Thermophysical aspects of soil decontamination by dielectric heating
Bruno K Bein, Werner Kiepert, Hans J Obramski, Christian Gruss, Jochen Boite, Josef Pelzl, Peter Jütterschenke, Hans J Blonsky, Wilfried Karsch, Jürgen Nitsch
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p. 443-447
Metrology of the thermophysical characteristics of building materials: a new experimental device
Omar Douzane, Thierry Langlet, Jean M Roucoult
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p. 449-451
Thermodynamic properties of HCFC-142b and applications to polymer processing
Philippe Botella, François Cansell, Yves Garrabos, Jean-Luc Six, Yves Gnanou, Bernard Le Neindre, Roland Tufeu
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p. 453-460
Simulation of thermal conduction and boiling heat transfer and their impact on the stability of high-temperature superconductors
Harald Reiss
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p. 461-466
Comparison between a pressure-volume-temperature method (Z meter) and the dielectric constant method: applications to the compressibility factor of five gaseous mixtures
Jean-Marie St-Arnaud, Richard Okambawa, Tapan K Bose, Olivier Le Noë
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p. 467-475
Temperature dependence of the thermal diffusivity of unidirectional composites by the mirage technique
Agustín Salazar, Agustín Sánchez-Lavega, Ana Ocáriz
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p. 473-480
Computational methods for the determination of thermophysical properties in pulse-heating experiments
Francesco Righini, Ján Spišiak, Gian Carlo Bussolino, Federico Scarpa
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p. 481-484
Equation of state for fluids of hard polyatomic linear molecules
José R Solana, María J Maeso
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p. 485-489
Analytical equation of state of square-well fluids from the augmented van der Waals theory
José R Solana, María J Maeso
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p. 491-495
Phase equilibrium curves and critical lines of n-hexane-water: liquid-liquid and liquid-gas
Ibragimkhan K Kamilov, Gennadiy V Stepanov, Larisa V Malysheva, Anvar R Rasulov, Suleyman M Rasulov, Kurban A Shakhbanov
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p. 497-503
Relaxation of extremely superheated polymeric liquids
Stanislavs E Puchinskis, Pavel V Skripov, Alexandr A Starostin
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