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Thermodynamic properties of nonelectrolyte solutions
Emmerich Wilhelm

Recent results on thermodynamic properties of nonelectrolyte solutions are surveyed, focusing upon binary liquid mixtures containing at least one strongly polar component, and on dilute solutions of supercritical nonelectrolytes (i.e. of gases) in liquids. For the former, a semiquantitative relationship between the additional cohesive energy due to the presence of permanent dipole moments and the consequent loss of entropy due to restricted rotation are explored. The influence of increasing solution nonrandomness when approaching an upper critical solution temperature is discussed with particular emphasis on the composition dependence of excess heat capacities (W shape). As concerns gas solubilities, various aspects pertaining to the reduction of data obtained from precision measurements and to data correlation are treated. A few selected recent results of solubility measurements in long-chain n-alkanes and n-alkan-1-ols are presented.

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