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p. 361-362
The powder metallurgy of high-temperature materials. 7th Plansee Seminar “De re metallica”
F Benesovsky
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p. 363-409
Arc-cast molybdenum-base TZM alloy: properties and applications
Janet Z Briggs, R Q Barr
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p. 411-418
Continuous hot pressing of reactive materials
R J Klein Wassink
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p. 419-424
The deformation textures of b.c.c. metals (tungsten)
G D Rieck
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p. 425-438
Electrical discharge-type activated pressure sintering and bonding of a superalloy composite structure
C G Goetzel
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p. 439-444
The creep properties of dispersion-strengthened silver-gallium oxide alloys
F.V Lenel, G S Ansell, M Y Nazmy
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p. 445-460
Die Siliziumdiffusion in den Me5Si3-Phasen der Metalle Niob, Tantal, Molybdän und Wolfram bis 1700°C
E Fitzer, F K Schmidt
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p. 461-466
Study of the sintering of molybdenum powder
D Uskoković, M Živković, B Živanović, M M Ristić
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p. 467-485
Wachstum und Festigkeit kugeliger Agglomerate aus Pulvern hochschmelzender Werkstoffe
N Claussen, G Petzow
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p. A1-A24
Third European Conference on Thermophysical Properties at High Temperatures, Turin, Italy, 20-23 June 1972. Abstracts of Papers
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