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Plenary lecture from the 14th ECTP

p. 1-18
Thermophysical properties of liquid metals and graphite, and diamond production under fast heating
Alexander I Savvatimski, Vlaiamir E Fortov, Roger Cheret
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Papers from the 14th ECTP

p. 19-23
Time domain reflectometry techniques for water content measurement
Tarik Zakri, Jean-Paul Laurent
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p. 25-35
Derivation of a correlation formula for the effective thermal conductivity of geological porous materials by the three-phase geometric-mean model
Hiroshi Kiyohashi, Mamoru Deguchi
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p. 37-42
Influence of dry and wet atmospheres on the unsteady thermal behaviour of materials in a cavity
Jean-Yves Noël, Guillaume Polidori,Jacques Padet, Elmar Junker
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p. 43-50
Wet air oxidation: solubility of carbon dioxide and reactor design
Jean-Yates Noël Foussard, Philippe Reilhac, François-Xavier Cammas, Hubert Debellefontaine
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p. 51-62
Thermodynamic property measurements for 2-methyl-2-propanol + water from the freezing surface to 75º C
Kenneth R Harris, Paula J Newitt, Phillip J Back, Lawrence A Woolf
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p. 63-69
Transport properties of high-boiling-point hydrocarbons
Giovanni Latini, Giorgio Passerini, Fabio Polonara
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p. 71-75
Fullerene-solvated crystals: stability and role in solubility phenomena
Natalia V Avramenko, Andrey L Mirakyan, Mikhail V Korobov, Ivan S Neretin
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p. 77-83
Diffusion coefficients of global warming gases into air and its component gases
Naoki Matsunaga, Morio Hori, Akira Nagashima
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p. 85-90
Microdiffusivity measurement on refractory metal coatings by photothermal microscopy
Emmanuel Milcent, Sauveur Bénet, Cédric Gervaise, Claude Nouais, Jean-Jacques Serra
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p. 91-96
Measurement of the surface tension of molten silicon by the use of ripplon
Nobuya Kawasaki, Kotaro Watanabe, Yuji Nagasaka
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p. 97-103
Application of a new equation of state for solids
Mercedes Taravillo, Valentín Garcia Baonza, Javier Núñez, Mercedes Cáceras
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p. 105-111
Simultaneous conduction and radiation in semitransparent media for transient hot-wire experiments
Fan Yu, Xinxin Zhang, Xiaojing Yin, Zhonglong Gao
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p. 113-118
Electric and phase behaviour of the solid system silver chloride-cadmium dichloride at high temperatures
Alina Wojakowska, Stanisława Plińska, Jerzy Josiak, Emil Kundys
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p. 119-125
Vanadate and nucleotide induced domain motions in myosin head
Dénes Lörinczy, Balázs Gaszner, Joseph Belagyi
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