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Papers from the 14th ECTP

p. 127-133
Heat loss corrections applied to the measurement of thermal diffusivity of small samples by the laser flash technique
Tim L Shaw, William E Ellis
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p. 135-140
Thermal conductivity determinations for irradiated urania fuel
Robin A Gomme, John C Carrol, Tim L Shaw
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p. 141-146
Thermophysical properties of fluorinated benzene derivatives
Anatoly L Stribulevich, Vladimir S Sperkach, Aleksandr D Alekhin
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p. 147-151
Measurement of the thermophysical properties of cold-pressed and sintered stainless steel
Jack B Henderson, Ludwig Hagemann, Jürgen Blumm, Rudolf Kaiser
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p. 153-157
Measurement of the thermophysical properties of an aluminium-silicon casting alloy in the solid and molten regions
Jürgen Blumm, Jack B Henderson, Ludwig Hagemann
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p. 159-164
Characterisation of thermophysical properties of thermoplastic materials
Alain Sommier, Tomasz Jurkowski, Didier Delaunay, Yvon Jarny
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p. 165-170
Thermophysical properties of local building materials in southern Algeria
Abla Chaker, Gilbert Menguy, Michel Laurent
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p. 171-177
Fluctuation effects on the thermal properties of high critical temperature superconductors near the critical temperature
Shapiulah B Abdulvagidov, Ibraghimkhan K Kamilov, Akhmed B Batdalov
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p. 179-183
Anomalous behaviour of ferroelectric ceramics in paraelectric phase
Aimé Peláiz, Francisco Calderón, Oscar Pérez, José de los Santos, Irma González
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p. 185-188
Grain-oriented ternary systems based on lead titanate zirconate ceramics
Aimé Peláiz, Francisco Calderón, Oscar Pérez, José de los Santos, Irma González
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p. 189-194
Photopyroelectric study of thermal parameters of food and biological products
Dorin Dadarlat, Silvia Neamtu, Lorelai I Copaescu, Vasile V Morariu, Ioan Turcu, Mihai Chirtoc, Alina Hategan-Popescu, Dane Bicanic, Jean-Stephane Antoniow, Michel Egée
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p. 195-198
Photopyroelectric investigation of thermal transport anisotropy in a liquid crystal
Massimo Marinelli, Fulvio Mercuri, Ugo Zammit, Sergio Foglietta, Folco Scudieri
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p. 199-204
Modelling of two-dimensional and three dimensional heat transfer in composite walls for their thermal characterisation
Alain Degiovanni, Isabelle Philippi, Denis Maillet
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p. 205-210
Application of infrared microscopy to thermal diffusivity measurement in refractories at various temperatures
Jean-François Bisson, Danièle Fournier
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p. 211-216
A methodology for measuring the thermal diffusivity of fabrics
Pierre Suzanne, Emmanuel Cayrol, Jean-Jacques Serra
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p. 217-222
Emissivity measurements by sine wave thermal modulation: radiometric and calorimetric approaches
Monica Siroux, Eric Tang-Kwor, Dominique Especel, Simone Matteï
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p. 223-228
Determination of uncertainties for emissivity measurements in the temperature range 200-800 °C
Jacques Hameury
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p. 229-233
Role of hydrogen bonds in demixing phenomena in aqueous solutions
Ivan V Brovchenko, Alla V Oleinikova
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p. 235-240
Sound velocity measurement by ultrasonic and Brillouin scattering techniques in compounds with matlockite structure
Frederic Decremps, Myriam Fischer, Alain Pollan, Manuel Sieskind
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p. 241-245
Electronic and phonon heat transport of niobium hydrides
Halina Misiorek
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p. 247-252
Nonlinear measurement of the thermal properties of a multilayer fluid specimen by temperature oscillation techniques
Walter Czarnetzki, Wilfried Roetzel
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