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p. 379-382
In memoriam: Professor Dr Erich Fitzer (1921-1997), Founder Editor of High Temperatures–High Pressures
Dan D Edie
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p. 383-385
In Memoriam: Professor Ared Cezairliyan (1934-1997)
John L McClure, Archie P Miller
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p. 387-422
Condescended media shock waves and detonations: equation of state and performance
Mohamed Safwat Abdulazeem
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p. 423-438
Détermination dans le domaine haute pression des propriétés thermophysiques d’une coupe lourde en dilution dans de l’hexane
Jean-Luc Daridon, Anne Lagrabette, Bernard Lagourette
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p. 439-448
Determination of ultrasonic wave velocities at high temperature and high pressure: a correction method
Hongsen Xie, Yueming Zhang, Ji-an Xu
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p. 449-455
Point defects in metals: what could be done by thermophysicists
Yaakov Kraftmakher
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p. 457-464
Lorenz relationship and thermal conductivities of liquid metals
Brian J Monaghan, Kenneth C Mills, Brian J Keene
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p. 465-470
Composition change of type S thermocouples after high-temperature annealing at 1400 °C
Yong-Gyoo Kim, Young Hee Lee, Jaen Cheon Kim
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p. 471-478
Thermodynamics of zirconium and hafnium orthophosphates (arsenates)
Nikolai Karyakin, Nikolai Chernorukov, Anastassia Koryttseva, Georgil Chernorukov
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p. 479-482
Thermal properties of lutetium trifluoride at high temperatures
Rashid A Khairulin, Sergie V Stankus, Pavel V Tyagel’sky
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p. 483-488
Thermal expansion and electric conductivity of some high-temperature superconductor solid of type 123
Gennady S Petrov, Andrew I Clyndyuck, Sergey V Massyuck, Leonid A Bashkirov
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p. 489-492
Physicochemical properties of some complex oxides related to the high-temperature superconductors
Andrew I Clyndyuck, Gennady S Petrov, Leonid A Bashkirov, Aleksey F Poluyan, Lyudmila A Tikhonova, Aleksander A Savitsky
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p. 493-500
Role of the mixing process in a flow plasma reactor for ultrafine powder production
Emilia G Balabanova
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p. 501-502
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