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Papers from the 14th ECTP

p. 503-507
Estimation of the Nitta-Chao parameters for water
José L Legido, Lino Rodriguez, Javier Vijande, Josefa Garcia, Teresa P Iglesias, Josefa Fernández
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p. 509-514
Pressure, volume, temperature measurements of unfrozen water at subzero temperature under high pressure
Tomohiro Sotani, Hironobu Kubota, Akitoshi Sakata
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p. 515-521
Experimental approach to the diffusion effects near room temperature in copper-zinc-aluminium shape memory alloys
Antoni Isalgué, Henri Tachoire, Vicenç Torra
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p. 523-529
Measurement of the total and spectral emittance of a microporous ceramic material
J Derek Jackson, Pei An, Sabina D Fabregat
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p. 531-536
Facility for the measurement of spectral emissivities of bright metals in the temperature range 200-1200 °C
Hansjochen Oertel, Wolfgang Bauer
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p. 537-545
Photothermal characterisation of the structural and optical effects of plasma-sprayed coatings
Gregor Kalus, André Mensing, Bruno K Bein
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p. 547-554
Excess enthalpies of nitrous oxide-cyclohexane mixtures in the liquid and supercritical regions
Albertina Cabañas, Concepción Pando, Juan A R Renuncio
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p. 555-558
Binary mixtures of n-heptane and water: isochoric heat capacity near temperatures of liquid-liquid and liquid-vapour phase transitions
Veronika Mirskaya
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p. 559-566
Thermal characterisation of semiconductor devices and adhesive bonds: application to a double heterostructure laser diode
Valérie Lepaludier, Yves Scudeller
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p. 567-574
Characterisation of anisotropic materials by steady-state and modulated thermal ellipsometry
Jean-Claude Krapez, Gérard Gardette
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p. 575-580
Controlled transformation rate thermal analysis: an inverse method allowing the characterisation of the thermal behaviour of polyphosphate glasses
François Gomez, Pierre Vast, Frédéric Barbieux, Philip Llewellyn, Françoise Rouquerol
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p. 581-587
Evaluation of the thermophysical properties of functionally gradient materials
Etsuro Yamada, Kaneko Takahashi, Nobuya Tajiri
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p. 589-591
Thermal expansion of samarium-terbium orthoferrites in the spin reorientation range
Inna D Lomako, Valery P Popov
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p. 593-597
A portable device to measure thermal conductivity in porous media
Izaak A van Haneghem, Cornelis J van Asselt, Wilko K P van Loon, Hennie P Boshoven
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p. 599-605
Thermal conductivity of high burnup uranium dioxide: the effects of irradiation
Klass Bakker, Rudy J M Konings
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p. 607-612
Molecular dynamics study of thermal and acoustic effects generated by a subpicosecond laser pulse applied to a thin film
Sebastian Volz, Michel Lallemand, Bernard Perrin, Philippe Depondt
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p. 613-618
Photoacoustic characterisation of semiconductor surfaces: cadmium telluride
Isabel Delgadillo, Alfredo Cruz-Orea, Helion Vargas, Juan J Alvarado-Gil, Miguel Vargas
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p. 619-624
Photoacoustics as a tool for cutaneous permeation studies
Jean Claude Bernengo, Christian Gasquez, Françoise Falson-Fleg
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p. 625-628
Calculation of the energetic performances of explosives: prediction of the heat of formation
Didier Delpeyroux, Pierre Charrue, Philippe Simonetti
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