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Papers from the 14th ECTP

p. 629-634
Salt solubility under high pressure and high temperature
Hevré Carrier, Suyu Ye, Isabelle Vanderberken, Jiding Li, Pierre Xans
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p. 635-643
Shape of the sulfur hexafluoride coexistence curve near the critical point
Yuriĭ Shimansky, Elena T Shimanskaya
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p. 645-649
Thermomechanical coefficients obtained in the vicinity of the critical point by scanning transitiometry
Stanisław L Randizo, Jean-Pierre E Grolier, Jacques R Quint
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p. 651-654
A transient method study of nonequilibrium effects in a sintering process
Vlastimil Boháč, L’udovit Kubicár, Zdeněk Hrabě
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p. 655-669
Influence of radiative transport on hot-wire thermal conductivity measurements
Hans-Peter Ebert, Jochen Fricke
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p. 671-675
Thermal conductivity of aluminium-silicon-based alloys
Grazyna Jaroma-Weiland, Peter Reipert, Rüdiger Brandt, Günther Neuer
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p. 677-682
Porous material characterisation by paranitrophenol thermoporometry
Jean-François Quinson, Maurice Brun
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p. 683-688
High thermal resolution dilatometric investigation of the phase transitions in the binary iron-nickel alloys
Andrzej J Panas
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p. 689-694
Measurement of thermodynamic features of rubber vulcanisation by isothermal differential scanning calorimetry
Bertrand Garnier, Florin Danès
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p. 695-700
Applications of AC calorimetry and differential phase calorimetry in the measurement of heat capacity and the phase transitions
Akikazu Maesano, Ronald P Tye
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p. 701-708
Supermicrocalorimetric devices for the investigation of small samples
Johannes Lerchner, Ralf Oehmgen, Gert Wolf, Pierre Le Parlouer, Jean-Louis Daudon
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p. 709-715
Heat Transfer in the packing of cellular pellets: microstructure and apparent thermal conductivity
Daniel Quenard, Daniel Giraud, François-Dominique Menneteau, Hébert Sallée
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p. 717-721
Thermal radiation and electron-phonon relaxation produced by picosecond laser pulses in metals
Mikhail B Agranat, Sergeĭ I Ashitkov, Aleksandr V Kostanovskiĭ, Aleksandr V Kirillin
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p. 723-724
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p. 725-732
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p. 733-740
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p. 741-746
Subject Index
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