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Thermophysical properties of single-crystal refractory interstitial alloys
Andrey N Emelyanov, Tatyana G Utkina, Mikhail A Ponomarev, Vasiliy P Kobyakov, Alexander S Steinberg

Investigations of the production of single crystals of large dimension(6 – 15 mm) of TiB2, TiCx, and NbCx by the arc-plasma-melting modified Verneuil method and by floating-zone melting under high-frequency heating were carried out. The starting materials for single-crystal production were rods prepared by self-propagating high-temperature synthesis. The TiB2 and transition metal carbide single crystals were oriented and cut in different crystallographic planes. The anisotropy of the physical properties of TiB2 and NbC0.87 was registered. Reasons for the anisotropy of the physical properties are discussed. During measurements of the thermal diffusivity and resistivity of transition metal carbides in the region of the order – disorder phase transition, finer effects were registered in carbide samples.

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