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Thermophysical properties of vegetable oils in a wide range of temperatures and pressures
Mahmadali M Safarov, Sh T Usupov, S A Tagoev

Results of experimental research on the thermophysical properties (heat conductivity, density, heat capacity, and diffusivity) of vegetable oils (sunflower seed, corn, olive, cotton seed, sesame, soy-bean, and others) in the temperature range 293.8 – 563.4 K and pressure range 0.101 – 49.1 MPa are given. The chosen oils were produced at the plants of Dushanbe, Kurgan-Teppa, Kanibadam (towns in Tajikistan), Krasnodar, and other cities of the UIS countries. Heat conductivity was investigated by means of a cylindrical bicalorimeter of the first kind of regular heat regime; diffusivity was investigated by means of a calorimeter of the second kind of regular heat regime; density was investigated by the method of hydrostatic weighing, and specific heat capacity by the method of monotonic warming-up. The common relative errors of measurement of heat conductivity, density, specific heat capacity, and diffusivity for a confidence coefficient, α, of 0.95 were respectively 4.5 : 0.1 : 2.6 and 4.1%.

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